Does anyone have any opinions on the Spendor?

Hailed as the best Spendor ever....
The now out of production Spendor SP 9/1 was beautiful in both sound and appearance.
They have made wonderful classic speakers over the years.

I am still using my SP1 in a summer home and they are spectacular. One of the most musical foot tapping speakers I have ever heard. Also have two pair of the old classic LS3/5a, and they are also terrific if you understand and appreciate their limitations.

A truly great company, if your after the classic "British Sound".
I bought a pair of S100s on two different occasions and ended up selling them both times. I ended up with a pair of 9/1s and I am very happy.
Sorry I omitted the model D7 from the subject line! Has anyone heard these new speakers? Do they live up to the rave reviews? I use to own S8e & still have the SP 3/5.