Does anyone have any info on the Philips CD-80xx?

Hi, I recently got a Philips CD-80xx and I can't find any information on it. Would anyone have any techincal information...or any information at all? I'm especially interested in the original cost, what type D/A converter it uses. This unit was built in 1990 in Belgium. Philips has no information on it. I've looked all over the net and can only find information on the CD-60xx. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Donnie
I have one. U.S. retail was $800. 16 bit 4X oversampling with TD1541K 'Crown' DAC chips. Copper-shielding in the chassis. Even has a decent-sounding remote volume control for variable output. Particularly good at PRAT, as Martin Colloms noted in his HFNRR review of the unit. Mine was modified with Rick Roberts' Simply Physics Isodrive. Decent sound both as a stand-alone player and as a transport only.
You might try the attached link for more information about the Philips / Marantz CD-80.,Players/Marantz,CD-80/PRD_116968_1586crx.aspx. Most are just reviews but there is some(limited) technical information there as well. The Philips CD-80 is the same unit as the Marantz CD-80. Marantz used the Philips name in the U.S. so if you search for info pertaining to the Marantz CD-80 you may find more info. I owned onr of these units for about 10 years loved the player never had any problems with and am sorry I sold it.