Does anyone have any impressions about the Aphex Sound Exciter ?

I would like to use this as a graphic equalizer (kind of) between my phono preamp and main amp and I wondered if anyone has any experience with it.  I know it is a pro gear but hey, why not ?

Basically I want to get that hi dynamic range and punch from my vinyl as I get from the CDs.

I considered an equalizer but there are hardly any new ones being made and the extremely few that are made are extremely expensive.

So, any real experiences with this device ?  Sound engineers welcome to answer of course...


The Aphex is a distortion generator. That’s the last thing I’d want in an audio system.

If you hope to get "hi dynamic range and punch from my vinyl as I get from the CDs," I suggest looking at your LP playback gear. It all starts at the source.
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The piece of gear used in studios in the 1970’s (primarily on vocals) was named the Aphex Aural Exciter. Is that was is being referred to here? It was a harmonic distortion generator, used by Peter Asher on the Linda Ronstadt albums he produced.

Believe it or not, Nelson Pass is currently offering a similar device! Watch the You Tube video from The Burning Amp Festival to hear him discuss it.

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Yes, that is the device I am referring to. It still seems to be actively used in recording studios. I know it is a recording professional's tool but I wanted to know if anyone actually has used it in a home setting.

Why would anyone want to use a "harmonic distortion generator" in the audio chain? Is it for special effects?
A reasonable question, @kalali. For the answer, watch the video from the Burning Amp Festival in San Francisco from a couple of years ago (available on You Tube), in which Nelson Pass explains why.
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It is not very exciting.
Why would a harmonic distortion generator give you more dynamic range? One come along cheap? Try a quieter phono preamp and a volume control.
“Greater perceived loudness” is not the same thing as greater dynamic range. Maybe you need as expander.
When the Aphex gizmo showed up in the 70s there was quite a buzz about it...tales of self destructing circuit boards if you tried to open it and see what was inside, hushed conversations about what it was doing...amazing stuff. Note that Pass gave a pile of his "distortion generator" things out to people at a Burning Amp gathering...I like his "even order distortion" theories as unlike "mysterious" tweaks he has no secrets about his designs. 
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