Does anyone have any experience with JM Labs Alto?

I have a brand new pair of JM Labs Micro Be and am lacking in bass(which I knew when I purchased the speakers)Any thought,suggestions?Thanks,Jim
Subwoofer all the way with those little babies. I heard the Micros for an hour and freaked. It wasn't until I heard them with a sub that they truly happened. Which sub? Hey, put it out there. I love my Sunfire Architectural. I was very interested in the Micros, but I'm waiting on Harmonic Precision's Caravelles. Should happen in a couple more weeks. Less money and bass and coherence to die for. I haven't compared the two, but was told that a speaker of the Alto's caliber would be a better comparison. Sounds pretty amazing. I'll keep you posted. peace, warren

P.S. Heard the Altos as well, but not for a very long time. Amazing. Should be at that price. I think you'll be very happy with a killer sub and those Micros. YOu probably have those babies atop their stands. I know they look good, but they would do better on my stands. Hey, I'm sorry-I'm digressing.
I've auditioned a pair and personally prefer the older mezzo utopias. To be fair the alto's tweeters were not broken in when I auditioned them. I also know a couple of philes that have the alto's. Everyone of them agrees that the alto's tweeters take a very long time to break in.
There must be something about the BE tweeter breakin. I've heard from another, the same thing about the new Micros. When I heard them at Sound by Singer, they were, obviously, well broken in. Don't have a referent, though, never having auditioned the non "BE" line. peace, warren
The best sub for the Micro Utopias is the JM Lab Electra 900 sub. It uses a 13 inch W Cone woofer and 250 watt amp. My friend is using this sub with the Micro Utopias.
It blends in perfectly. He originally had the Utopia sub, but that sub was to big and deep for his room.
The Mezzo Utopia are incredible. I heard them 2 years ago on a Mccormack DNA 2 amp. The Mezzo's sound fast, articulate and the bass is tight and upbeat. It also had one of the best midranges i'v heard.
Thanks to everyone for their response.I just upgraded to the altos.Peace.Jim
Wow! From the Micros to the Altos. That's $11,000. Man, a killer subwoofer wouldn't have done it for you?
Highreso congrad`s on your purchase, as a mezzo owner I beleive you have made a wise choice. JM Labs monitor are very detailed with say a electra sw900, but after listening to the next step up what of course is now the Alto then the Nova, you have moved into a hole new spectum. PS keep us posted as they break in ( I`ve heard the BE line take`s awhile) what your like`s and dislike`s are, I`m sure there will be many like`s. David
I really thought about a sub.However,most guys who I know who have just incredible 2 channel systems from the likes of Goldmund Reference,Gryphon etc.. mostly stick to full range dynamic speakers and use subs for HT.So,I decided to jump in.I also believe,it is harder to intergrate speaker drivers when their crossovers are not manufactured together from the ground up.But that is just my thought and obviously only counts in my little world."Life through Listening",Jim
Happy listening with your new babies. That was one high class problem you were able to take care of. Lucky guy. peace, warren