Does anyone have any experience with Emotiva ?

Does anyone have any experience with Emotiva - specifically the Emotiva ERC-1 CD Player ? I had never heard of this company prior to reading a review on Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. I am wondering, given its price, how it may stack up to some mid/high-end players like the Rega, Cambridge Audio, or Cary. I am giving some thought to selling my everything player (Denon 2930) and buying a separate CD player and a universal Blu-ray without breaking the bank. I would be playing this using my Anthem Statement Pre and Power Amp on Avalon Speakers.
i've only heard emotiva's power amps, which are extremely good for their price--i can't speak to the emotiva cdp. however, from my dealings, emotiva registers as a fine, smart company with excellent customer service--i believe they offer a 30 day home trial, so there's no risk if you want to check out their cdp.
all that said, i'm a big fan of the denon player for 2ch audio (i still use the 2910 in my main system) and, esp. considering the low resale on non-br players, i query whether you'd be gaining much by changing. of course, change for the sake of change is an important tenet of audio-dom, so enjoy.
That brand is not bad, I have been impressed with the specs and photos of the ERC-1. I can compare it to the Oppo 83.
I'm considering trying the ERC-1 to replace my DacMagic. I'm finding that my DacMagic has problems with grain in the treble. The ERC-1 appears to have a much better power supply design, so this may result in better performance treble over the DacMagic.

I currently have the XPA-2 amplifier, and it is outstanding value for the money. I love the way it sounds.
I've had a good amount of experience with Emotiva as I have owned a number of their products and currently have the ERC-1. It replaced my Cambridge 640C and while the ERC is better it wasnt night and day but very subtle. But the 640C retail was I think double the price of the ERC though. But one thing that the ERC has that sets it apart is its ability to play virtually any CD regardless of quality with no skips. I have a copy of Nirvana's Nevermind that looks like Freddy Kruger got a hold of it and the ERC never falters when playing it. Emotiva is a great company with great customer service and you should definitely give them a try.
Thanks everyone for you response. I may end up buying one and giving it a test drive. I always have 30 days to return it if it doesn't meet expectations.
A friend of mine dropped off the Emotiva ERC-1 while he was away over Thanksgiving. Sonically it is really a nice sounding unit and for the money I don't think you can beat it. The slot-load mechanism worked fine but I guess I'm old fashion and still like the drawer load better. Noticed in a new catalog that I just received that Krell has just introduced a CD player with the same kind of slot-load mechanism called the S-350a. Krell claims that after extensive testing they found that the slot-loading mechanism eliminated all the errors caused by the CD drawer's vibration. It will be interesting to see how this method of loading the CD will go over.
Here's a review thread:
I have owned the ERC-1 for almost 6 months now (June 04-2009). It is a very good CD player. It plays the encoded signal on HD Disc (High Definition). As well as playing CD-R, CD-RW, as well as playing CDs that other player just won't play because of being scratched or rough up. Very good dynamics and bass response. The remote is well laid out, and can be used as a weapon. Used the RCA jacks first 5 month, but now use the XLR connections. The XLR jacks removes allot of the forwardness of the RCA jacks, with better staging, imaging, and depth. Still keeping the very good dynamics and bass. In my system I like it better than the Music Hall 25 with level 1 mods, and the stock OPPO 980 on regular CD'S and HD-CDs. It is very striking in appearance, easy on the eyes, well built, and sounds good. Is it worth the asking price, YES.