Does anyone have any experience of hybrid valve and solid state power amps?

Hi guys

I ask this question because I recently had a listen to a JE Audio Dyad S400 power amp. I was very impressed by its performance, but, correct me if I'm wrong there don't seem to be many hybrids around, or are there?

What are your thoughts on how they compare to other designs?

ARC HD-220 a hybrid as is Aesthetix Atlas as well as Vandersteen 
the HD-220 way underrated IMO

There is a Dodd Audio Hybrid listed here that sounds excellent (actually been watching it and the ad expires in an hour ) might get relisted ? . Vincent Audio makes a Hybrid too .

Lamm, Vincent and Conrad johnson offthe top of my head.

I have a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista hybrid integrated that is quite nice.
PS Audio BHK Signature 250