Does anyone have an opinion about 7 ch. stereo?

I'm just curiuos to hear some opinions on 7 channel stereo
playback. I like it, and I think it gives vinyl a nice
It may be a nice sound but it isn't seven channels of stereo from a vinyl record. :-)
Why not just use headphones?
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5 too many for me.
Yes, but my mother told me that if you can't say something nice about something don't say anything.
I think it was Sam Tellig who said it best (to paraphrase): with two channel, less is more; with multi-channel, more is less. This might be an over simplification, but unless you've got an excess of money to waste on experimentation and disappointment, quite true. -Lars-
7 channel stereo?

Isn't that an oxymoron?
Axe five channels, then spend the money on better speakers and elctronics for the remaining two channels.
I have not heard any multichannel system that made the listening experience any more believeable than a two channel system and most of the time even less so.