Does anyone have advice on power cables?

I am looking to upgrade the power cables for my home theater and was wondering if anyone has good advice as to where to start. I currently have a Cambridge Audio Azur 640R, Dynaudio Audience 82 front, 52 sides, 122 back and 122c center with an Earthquake Supernova sub. The components are ran through a Monster Reference 3500 mkII and a Monster UPS. The current power cables that I am using are the stock cables on the receiver and sub, but have Monster cable 300 power cables on the power conditioner and ups. I am using Monster m2.2s speaker cables for the fronts and center and XPHP CI in-wall for the sides and back. I was considering trying the Anticables for the front and center, but that is for another thread.

I guess my question is should I upgrade all power cables to see a difference, or is it most important to upgrade the receiver, or the power conditioner, or the ups? And does anyone have advice on good power cables that won't break the bank. I don't want to put a $1000 Cardas Golden reference cable on a $1500 receiver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. One other thing, I might be upgrading to a Marantz processor with an 8 channel amp setup, not that that impacts my question here.
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PS Audio PerfectWave AC3 or AC5. Also their Jewel for C7 type plug. They're quite well made for the price and do a fine job. Upgrade all power cords for best results.

Btw, I have a new set of #16 Anti-Cables for LCR I'm about to list for sale; 6' stereo pair and 3' half-set for center channel.
I'm also a fan of the Pangea AC Power cords. Excellent value. I am an infomerical so here you go:
I just posted about them in another thread here. The Pangea AC14 made such an upgrade to my system, i couldn't believe it.
Check it out here:
I'll second the Ps Audio Ac-3, Ac-5 and Ac-10 truly remarkable!
Hey guys, thanks for all the advice. For the money I think I'll try the Pangea cords, cause they're dirt cheap. I'll post to let you all know the results. I thought about the PS Audio cables, but to put AC-5's on everything would run about a grand. I'm not so sure I want to gamble that much money on potentially marginal gains. With that much money I would be halfway to upgrading my receiver to a separate processor/amp combo.
There's always used power cords.... PSA AC3 is fine, even the Jewel is decent enough (12 AWG, but smaller dia jacket/dialectric, no PE and different connectors). Either way, with the money saved, consider another PC (Furman,..etc), also fuses (HiFi Tuning), and speaker cable (you missed my Anti-Cables. Only have center speaker half-set now). These will make marked improvements.
I went with an Audioquest NRG 1.5 for my Marantz SACD/DVD player with a C7 connection. The factory supplied power cord is crappy. Very reasonable and great sound.
All cables sound different in different systems. YOu must audition them in YOUR system to find the one(s) for you