Does anyone have a Sony DVP-S9000ES that reads the SACE layer

Does anyone have a Sony DVP-S9000ES that reads the SACD layer  on a hybrid disk, or do they all (like the one I had) default to the CD/redbook layer?

Thanks for any experience you might have. 
Mine reads the SACD layer if it there.
They should read SACDs.   But they are getting up in years and a significant fraction now have tracking errors with SACDs.  I forgot what manual it was in but there is a setup /diagnosis screen where you can set it to automatically adjust itself to track correctly.  You should do a search and find out how successful this is.
There are settings on the player where it will read either the SACD layer or the CD layer of an SACD.  Make sure it is set to SACD if that is what you want
I did the on screen settings to have it read the SACD layer and it still would default to the redbook layer.  The machine is not in use right now as I have an OPPO to use, but I may want to use it in a different system....  
This was an ill-designed machine from the get-go. I really lost my shirt selling but it went to Sony repair facility twice and still wouldn't work. Sony should have refunded everyone's money.
The auto tracking procedure is in the service manual. You should be able to find a free download of it (or at least I did years ago). I am not sure if you need a special Sony SACD for it to work or if any SACD will work. I never had to try it since I don’t have any SACDs.

I think the DVP-S9000ES is an excellent player sound wise (even by today’s standards). Especially since they are relatively common and you can get a used one for under $200. They do have a reputation of being temperamental and I know it will die one day. But buying used and after getting 2 years of use so far I think i got my moneys worth.

My opinion might change if I bought it new for their original price though.........
I had two Sony DVP-9000ES players. I'll cut to the point. Once the laser started to go, the machines wouldn't play SACDs. I never found anything in the manual about how to correct the problem. I thought they were great sounding CD/SACD players when new.