Does anyone have a good recommendation for the best quality home theater platform?

All the ones I keep coming across have projector website. Looking for all type of projector, home theater, home cinema. projectoreviews is the only one I've been able to find, but they seem to be new, has anyone buy something there or have any other suggestions?
chinu5 has many suggestions. My personal list :

Top tier:

  • The one made by DTS, Datasat?
  • Theta
  • Classe
  • Anthem

Followed by:

  • Yamaha
  • Marantz

And really disappointing :

  • Onkyo
  • Emotiva

Funny, most reviews I’ve heard has said Onkyo’s amps are better than Yamaha’s; but Onkyo’s room correction is poor and their HDMI board have a history of failure. 
For something the average consumer can afford, Denon and Marantz are safe bets for surroundreceivers. 
For projectors, Epson and Optoma are the best consumer brands, with JVC taking the upper market with Sony trailing, not sure for best of  the best.
Hey @mzkmcxv

I don't know about their amps, but I've had their processors and, sadly, they were easily spanked by 7 year old Theta processors.
They sound exactly like what you'd expect a Japanese EE with no musical background to produce.  Very quiet, no distortion and no midrange or bass. 
This is a comparison with no room correction applied. The almost identical sound produced by Emotiva processor which I sold almost immediately. I can't tell you how disappointed I was in both. I really wanted a modern, inexpensive processor and the Casanova sitting right next to them kept spanking them.

The Oppo 103 with no surround processor on the other hand sounds far better than either.
I went through this when building my home theater system. Read all the reviews, went to every store in the greater Seattle area, listened to everything I could find. Even brought a few things home to audition. Tried everything. Started with A/V receivers, graduated to separates, paying attention to everything- how they sound with movies, with music, with the different codecs. Everything from very affordable to megabuck high end as this was going into a great big home theater room that was the centerpiece of a major remodel.

The unexpected conclusion I came to after all of this is that for whatever amount of money you have to spend the best result you can get is with a traditional two channel stereo system. Yeah, I know. Flies in the face of the party line. But its just a fact. Which in hindsight makes total sense. Whatever amount of money you have, it will always buy you a lot better speakers if its two than if its 5. You simply cannot buy a 5 channel amp that sounds as good as a 2 channel amp. Not for the same budget. Speaker cables? Interconnects? Power cords? The situation is even worse.

Classic case of more is not better.
Who said anything about a 5 channel amplifier? :)

I run 5 monoblocks.

Buy integra/onkyo processor and get an upgrade on this website you will be surprised.
Your question is a bit vague...What’s the budget #1?  is this room already finished or are you starting from scratch?  How big is your room going to be?  What do you want it to do?  Want to watch multiple things at once i.e. sports on different channels? Do you want a projector with a drop down screen or one fixed to a wall ? Would you rather have a big flat panel TV or one behind the drop down screen or multiples behind it?  What do you watch or listen to?  Do you stream movies or do you have 500 Blu-Rays or both?  Do you stream music? Do you have a record player?  Is this going to be a combo type room where you want great stereo listening in here as well or do you want it dedicated to movie watching?  How about PS4 or XBOX? 
If it’s just movies and games and it can be done, I would put in a Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, IMAX type system consisting of 7.1.4 as a minimum and maybe wire for some future channels, but again, depends on size of the room.  Do you want all built in speakers or free standing out in the room?  Free standing will sound better than built-ins and running a pre/processor with separate amps will sound better than receivers and having dedicated 20amp circuits to plug it all in will be a huge help!
A lot more questions based on your answers...Hope this gives some direction and things to think about though...
Check out JBL sysnthesis.
its pretty darn good stuff..