Does anyone get turntable set-up?

The various parameters of turntable set-up(this includes the cartridge)are just that-possible starting points. Maybe start there. Then slightly change something(that does't mean buy something). Does it sound better-do not listen for something specific. Don't listen to something specific-that is incorrect. If you are not sure, sleep on it. Does it make you want to listen more to it or not? It's all about brain-waves. I offer this in the interest of music.
I generally listen to piano,drum kit and vocal of a familiar recording.The only parameters to adjust are VTA,VTF and damping.Cartridge alignment/overhang is pretty much set in stone,though adjusting the anti-skate can correct for slight distortions occuring between the two channels.
Go to the needle doctor and I think you will find alot of help. I also think the Absolute sound has some help with this. But their web site is so hardup for money that they charge you 3.00 bucks just to look up a 20 yr old review.
Lloyd Walker provides some very thorough guidance in TT setup:
Set VTF, overhang, azimuth, antiskating and then recheck your VTF. I like Steeley Dan's Aja side 1 as far as listening. Keep in mide you may have to fiddle-*&^%# to get things dialed in. But it will well worth the effort. Feel free to email me for more details.
Slipknot1, I agree with Lloyd Walker, especially his last statement. I would also like to encourage loose cartridge bolts and slightly moving one side forward or backwords to help lock in the sound.
I want to mention anti-skate. I tried to start a thread on this, but I think my bold statement, that I am the current expert on it, made Audiogon disallow it. I say this the way I do for a reason(Don't worry, it will benefit you.)!
For those interested in anti-skate, I have discussed this on the Mana Acoustics site.