Does anyone else think that the Samsung plays music much better than the Apple?

While I know that Spotify isn't the best sound reproduction.  To me, Samsung sounds significantly better than Apple. 

Four years ago I fired Apple as my phone hardware and went with Samsung.  I got tired of Apple slow downs every time I updated my software.  Got the Samsung home and noticed that my music via Spotify sounded much better. 

Recently I had to fire Samsung.  I had a Note 9 and was trapped in a infinite do loop.  It continually wanted to update the software, via forced shutdowns.  The phone would reboot and go through the whole cycle again.  Found out that the phone doesn't support the new software and it was just going to keep doing that. 

So, I decided to give Apple another try.  Got it home hoping with all their hardware upgrades it would sound better than before and nope, very disappointed.
You know, with respect to sound quality, you might be expecting too much from your phone.  Keep in mind, the "Market" for music via cell are teens, who predominately listen to mpeg music.   

I don't like Apple because of their business practices concerning vendors, but that is my opinion.   Consequently, I never buy Apple products.
Bummer on Samsung, I just upgraded my phone from an LG (about 7 years old!) to a One Plus 7T and it seems to work very well.

Spotify is mpeg compression although an upgraded plan we have uses AAC.  That being said, I recently read where Spotify is moving to FLAC files to complete with Tidal and other premium servers, so perhaps Spotify won't be so bad, comparatively.  
Yes, Samsung does sound better. So do the other media, particularly Qobuz and any FLAC files. Might be because I believe Apple is still using mp3?... But I do love the iPhone over Android for ease of operation, not sound. You should realize they are now downgrading the DAC used in phones...
I tried moving away from apple. Got the cheapest new Samsung phone.  Using Samsung's Music playback app was simple and sounded really super nice.  If I had to, I could use the Samsung for music and just music, it is great.  Yet, as a communication device it's not as easy to use as apple.  Blu-Tooth uni-connect didn't work well in my car but worked great in my wife's.  The phone was just plain buggie.  I went back to my old iPhone 6 after frustrating myself for a few months.    I found something odd about iPhone.  I live off the grid, my cabin has satellite wifi with a cell phone repeater/range extender.  My Wife's new iphone gets terrible wifi calling and can't connect to cell repeater yet my old iPhone 6 connects to the repeater, no problem. so much for new and improved.   
I have good reasons to stay away from both. And play music on Cowon. And buy a new smart phone every year for non music.
Have you tried changing the audio EQ settings on the iPhone?  I find “Rock” or “Jazz” sound best (and much better than the default “Flat” setting) so would be worth exploring if you haven’t yet.  Of course it’s still compressed Spotify crap audio so it’s not gonna sound good no matter what you do, but that’s another subject.  Hope this helps.