Does anyone do this ?

I have stumbled upon a 2nd deck. I would like to run them both through a Cambridge 640P. One for MM, the other MC appropriate. Could these 2 decks be connected at the same time without causing issue ? I would not be dj'ing, ideally more like using a specific TT that night. It would be a lot easier to flip a switch with both IC's connected. I breezed through the manual and it was not clear to me.
Forgive me, I'm not that lazy. It just seems I am always behind the rack.
Thanks, David.
Yes, I'd feel pretty certain that will work fine, given that it has both mm and mc inputs, and a switch to select between them.

What would definitely not work fine, of course, would be connecting both turntables to a single input, which would result in each phono cartridge loading the other.

-- Al