Does anyone do off-axis listening as well as Magicos?

Speaking of expensive speakers in bad environments, one thing I've heard Magico's do superbly in several environments is have great off-axis sound stage and imaging.  Quite musical and lively.

Who else of current makers does as good of a job?? 

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That's counter to my expectation, but I think Duke recently mentioned something about this.  I'll have to read my notes.
Years ago I had a pair of Totem Model One Signatures driven by Simaudio i7 integrated. Obviously a smaller system than Magico but imaging, on and off axis, was phenomenal.
Every speaker that I heard with the tweeter placed on top of the midrange seemed to sound good from many listening positions. The best being the KEF Blade.
definitely not everybody's idea of high-fidelity, but the bose SR-1 Cinemate was just about the only speaker system [other than the maggie tympani III] i've ever heard that could present a wide and uniform stereo image no matter where one sit or stood in the listening room. 
The champs of off-axis listening are the various Ohm Walsh speakers. I own a pair and speak from experience. They have to be heard to be believed! Ability to fill a room with 3-D imaging from any spot. Uncanny! If they cost 10X as much audio snobs would love them!
Do any other brands equal or better Magicos for horizontal dispersion?

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Buy some Magicos.

What a brainiac!
Been a life- long on axis guy.  Just got a pair of Tekton 2-10 Perfect Sets and they are better off axis.  Toed in only slightly.  Incredible soundstage and accuracy.
I have been listening off-axis for more then 35 years. As ozzy62 said most horns do have good off-axis response.  My speakers are not current, they are 37 years old and have 100x100 degree V and H dispersion. As has been said, Ohms also have good off-axis response. example: Ohm model F. Never listened to Magico's so cannot comment regarding. The most current I have listened to are the JBL M-2 monitors
Mike :-)

I have tried and tried to get speakers to listen off-axis. But no matter what I do they only speak, never listen.
Multicellular horn systems are the best loudspeaker type for off-axis listening nothing else is close not even MBL  Radialstraler 
Eric, Revel speakers have some of the best off axis measurements in the industry regardless of cost. They blend their driver intergration better than most too. 
@chrissain Yes, yes they do!

And honestly in my mind Magico and Revel trade blows with various qualities.  It's very worthwhile to audition both.