Does Anyone Currently Make an Ethernet to I2S Renderer?

Currently looking at devices to have audio bypass laptop controlling with JRiver. I have been using an Oppo 105 out to SPDIF. Certainly sounds better than laptop USB, but has its limitations. I know of many good devices from Ethernet to USB, where I have an Amenero input (with its own power). But since my DAC has two I2S inputs (rj47 and hdmi hardware), I guess that would be a better option, if available.  I have a large music collection on a NAS and am very happy using JRiver and controlling by phone.
Magna Mano is another. I like my ultra. Unlike many, it comes with a beautifully built linear power supply...
Metrum used to make an Ethernet to i2s bridge at one time.
It was their recommended route to connect to an accompanying Metrum DAC with i2s input.

No idea what protocol or cable end they used but might be worth looking into.

Sold but gives you an idea for research possibly.
Melm I wouldn’t get too hung up about not being able to use i2s though very good I’ve used these inputs and outputs over the past four years with PS Audio , Denafrips , Rockna and just recently with AudioByte .

A very recent purchase completely changed my mind about many things about digital playback especially the level of sound quality that I’m experiencing now.

With the number of converters , re-clockers and separate power supplies on the market today there are a couple one box solutions that stand out head and shoulders above the rest the Innuos Phoenix and Ideon Audio’s Master Time either model would really step up the performance of your lap top Nas and Oppo with a SPDIF converter to USB or Ideons Absolute Time with SPDIF and USB inputs and outputs.

I just hopped into the thread to note that I've also moved on from I2S and am just using an SPDIF connection to better effect. I was encouraged to try the switch after getting the following email in response to an inquiry into whether I2S could be offered as an input into Mojo Audio's dacs:

"Yes, and no.


Because it is the stupidest thing you can imagine.

The specification on I2S is “no more than 4” from DAC chip.”

What is I2S?

The clocking and data are divided into three separate signals: bit clock, word clock, and data.

In every other form of digital transmission (USB, Ethernet, Thunderbolt, etc) the clocking is embedded into the data stream and then it is asynchronously buffered and reclocked.

Think about it: if one clocking stream has the potential to get distorted, why would making three clocking streams that have to be synchronized be better?!?!?!?!?

Anyone who claims I2S is better for music data transmission between two chassis is an IDIOT.

And any company who is marketing such a idiotic concept is preying on the ignorance of the average consumer.

I could convert any one of our DACs to I2S…it would be easy…we use I2S internally so all I would need to do is not put in all the digital input circuitry and solder three wires from the PCB to a connector.

I just have too much respect for my customers and my products to do such an idiotic thing :^P

Benjamin Zwickel
Owner, Mojo Audio"
Wow, interesting comments there from Mojo. And that was a private email to you, cal?