Does anyone collect something else other than music.

 I guess all of us must be collectors at heart, both music and kit, but are there other collecting obsessions out there? Many people collect watches, cars, mountain bikes and so on.

I have started a small collection of good Scotch malt whisky. Always loved whisky, but never studied the range and quality available. It may be a bit easier for me, living in the UK, although most bottles seem to be available in the US, at comparable prices too. The only drawback is that I don't get to drink any of the good stuff, as the collection is something I intend to leave to my kids, who all have tastes above their pay grade. Whisky has always been collectable, but prices do seem to be on the up. It is staggering what bottles, particularly of the best distilleries and closed ones, can go for. Prices over £100,000 for one bottle, aren't unusual, with interest from all over the world.

 I like all whisky, but my current favourite is probably Caol Ila, a not too heavily peated  Islay distillery. Glad to say my consumption has remained very modest. Unfortunately, when we emerge from Covid 19, I think there are going to be a lot more problem drinkers.

 So what do you collect? If you are a whisky fan too, perhaps post your favourites and bottles worth collecting.


I collect elac miracord 50 and 770H  automatic German turntable to repair and resell. I have a pretty good collection of about a dozen Hickok tube testers ready to sell and a small but tasty collection of pre-amp tubes, a collection of novelty lighter that became illegal about ten years ago, and a collection of about 30 Oregon myrtlewood , African- style drums. Ive also got a large collection of myrtlewood game calls and wall switch plates.Keeps me out of the pubs. aloha
Antique woodworking tools with a big emphasis on foot powered (treadle) scroll saws and lathes.
Automobiles:  Triumoh TR6, Studebaker Avanti, 2 BMW 3 series, 1 BMW 5 Series, Audi S5, 6 Saabs and 4 Volvos.  

I build tube/valve power amps to my own designs for a hobby. I have collected a variety of tubes/valves to use in these amps. I own a Yamamoto A010 which I use as a sort of reference to compare my amps against, sound wise. So I have a modest collection of tubes. Friends have impressive tube collections of over 100,000 tubes! NOS WE 300A!s and 300Bs, engraved base VT52s and 50s etc. My favourites are my quad of NOS Tungsol mono-plate! black glass 6A3s. They look and sound fabulous and are probably priceless too.