Does Anyone Bi-Amp With both SS and Tubes?

I use and enjoy VTL MB450s with my speakers (Jadis Eurythmies) which do not require that kind of power. I could probably get by with 10 watts for the midrange and upwards though would need a lot more for the bass (or perhaps more appropriate would be that they need the damping factor of higher power amps to be at their best).

I recently found a Jadis active crossover to go with the speakers (2-way, 180Hz) and am wondering whether I should go for a) low watt monos for the higher frequencies and higher watt tubes for the bass, b) something else for the upper ranges and the VTLs for the bass, or c) something for the upper ranges and an SS amp or monos for the bass. I am not absolutely wedded to tubes but where I live, Dartzeels are expensive and I would not want to have to biamp using them :^) so I am expecting to use tubes for the midrange and upwards.

I wonder whether the SS-ness, even of a really good single-ended SS amp (like Pass Alephs?) would lead to a mismatch. Anybody every run into the problem of bi-amping horn/dynamic speakers with lower power tubes and higher-power SS for the dynamic woofers?
My friend, Peter, is using VTL 450's on top and a Bryston SS on the bottom of his Maggie 20.1's. I believe he's using a Marchand crossover. The system sounds wonderful; integrated, and coherent to my ears. I'll point him to this thread and I'm sure he'll be happy to contribute. He's been doing some work on the system since I heard it.

Hi T-Bone,

Marco described my system above. I'm using a solid state Marchand Xover. I haven't done much to it since I installed the Xover and the Bryston. I was warned by several against mixing tubes and SS on a biamp system, but couldn't really affort another VTL450, or better yet a VTL750, or better yet two. So for now, I'm using the Bryston. When I put it in my speakers definitely became more dynamic, with more power and a better Xover than the stock Maggie Xover. And yes, I can hear the difference in the way the bass is treated with the SS. Taughter, like a rubber band in a way - i.e. more damped. I'm not saying it is bad, just different. I have gotten used to the sound and I like it pretty well. I would like to do more experimenting, when I get some time.

Best, Peter

My system is somewhat like Peter's. I use a pair of Manley Neo-Classic 300B SET monoblocks for my midrange and tweeters and an NAD solid-state amplifier for the bass. I did try to use a pair of Manley Mahi monoblocks for the bass, but I found that--though the result was harmonically pleasing--they did not provide me with a tight and controlled lower end. I might try tubes again for the bass, but I think I'll have to use amps with much more power than the Mahi's provided. Like Peter, I use a Marchand crossover to separate the frequencies. Unlike Peter's, my crossover is tubed. I really do like the way that my system sounds, but I must admit that a powerful set of tubed amps might integrate better with my SET's than the solid state NAD. Finances prohibit that option for me... at least for now. Mind you, the solid state/tube mix does not make my system sound unbalanced or incoherent. It is, just as Peter said, different.
I use a McIntosh MC240 tube amp on top and Kora hybrid monoblocks on the bottom. I am in heaven! See my system page for lots more info.