Does anybody remember the pianist Fred Crane?

I ran across an old LP I purchased in the mid 80's by the late Fred Crane that was released after his death in 1985. I had forgotten how good it was. The title was Fred Crane Piano.

He played with Al Hirt and Doc Severson among others. Does anyone know if there are anymore records put out by Mr. Crane? I remember at the time of the "Piano" release the were supposed to be a series of recordings, but see no information on the Internet, so I guess it never happened.

I would welcome any input.

seems like a back up man and with those short list of credits I dunnoh.But maybe it's crime of century he never got more work.

But I had to look him up as I never heard of him
On the only solo record he ever had released, after his death, there are little tributes written about him and his playing by Carmen McRae, Jimmy Rowles, Al Hirt, Joe Pass, and Doc Severinson, so he probably was mostly known by musicians.

He is playing piano at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas on the record. Probably how he made his living. Not the greatest record ever, but snag it if you see it. Very enjoyable.

I was just wondering at first if there was more music but I guess not.
Happened across this recently. Fills in a few blanks, but still looking for more music from Fred Crane.

A little of his actual playing.
Hi Gents, A friend just sent me this post.
There was actually a collection done. 8 cds I think. I should have them copied for those who have an interest. If so, feel free to contact me through stereodesk or here.

all the best,

Fred Crane II
I presume this Fred Crane is the same who played (and sang?) with the Al Belletto Sextet in the mid-1950s. I heard of Balletto on a recent public radio jazz program, and picked up two of his albums as mp3 files. The radio DJ apparently played an original LP, and doesn't know the tracks are currently available. The mp3 albums can be accessed at
Greetings,  Fred Crane was my uncle on my mother's side. I miss him. I still keep in touch with his son Fred Jr. some. I have about a dozen CD's of HIS music that I listen too. It also has his wife singing on many if not all of them. He was a music genius. I visited his home in Dallas and he took me to Rainbow studio where I watched him compose and direct a commercial soundtrack. He used to play Jazz at the Fairmont Hotel bar with a bass player in Dallas to keep his fingers loose. He would never shake hands with anyone so as not to hurt his very delicate fingers. I always thought that was cool as a 16 yr old. I would be happy to discuss him more anytime. [email protected]