Does anybody read Q magazine?

I've picked up a couple of recent copies of this British music magazine - it's pretty entertaining. The cover stories and pictures leave a little to be desired, but the content is good - lots of capsule music reviews, several longer reviews, many articles of interest. One thing that has really engaged me is the way they draw in past music into the current discussion, showing the roots of many current bands. And, it comes out every 4 weeks (13x a year) and takes a while to get through, leaving that much less time every month to read about the upgrades I didn't konw I needed. Any opinions on Q? Have you found their assessment of new music valuable? Are there other magazines of the same type that you like better? Thanks, Kirk
Many of the British mags are much much better than the American music mags. I don't even bother reading any of the big American music mags anymore. CMJ was the last decent one, but they lost it about two or three years ago. I recommend checking out MOJO if you haven't.
Also Uncut mag in the UK is very good-- both it and Mojo are the two serious mags for muso's.
These are the two mags to read if you are seriously interested in music (popular contemporary adult music mainly-)-Uncut also covers movies very well-both these magazines usually contain articles written by the UK's most respected music journalists.
Q is more mainstream,entertainment based-the album reviews are and have been for some 15+ years complete and utter junk.
As a music nut I buy all three every month.
The Wire in the UK covers avant garde/experimental stuff pretty well.
Record Collector-is good for collectors and more specifically-the so-called golden era of pop and rock.
I buy these two every month too....sad but true.
It can be fun certainly takes itself less seriously than the other two.