Does anybody own a Jeff Rowland Daemon Integrated Amp.?

I saw that this Integrated amp was rated at 1500 WPC and 2500 WPC in the class D mode. Does anybody have anymore info.?
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I used to respect all Rowland amps and circuit designs in the days when they were linear, but to me when they changed direction to Class-D, my respect didn't go with them, but their chassis sure looks the goods, if that's your bag.

Cheers George   
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George, I'm sure there are a lot of guy's out there who feel the way you do, but there will be somebody out there who will look past the class D and throw this beast into their system.
@serious7. As I have posted in another thread here on Agon, I heard the JR Daemon at Axpona 2017. To me it powered the best sounding room that I visited. And I was not alone in that assessment. I advise you to listen to the Daemon if possible.
If i ever get the chance I will.
I have heard the Daemon on two different occasions. It is an excellent integrated with some very nice ergonomics. I thought the sound was good, only eclipsed by the various tube amps that I heard at the same events.
The sound is also very much of the later generation compared to the earlier class A/AB from the 6,8,9 generation. ( which like George above, I also much prefer).
A couple thoughts on this.....

It is well known that the Rowland class D gear has an exceptionally long break in period.  I suspect many of those who might be turned off by class D sound, either haven't listened to one of his current offerings, or have listened to a piece that isn't broken in.

That said, the amp which I believe is the bread and butter of current Rowland thinking, is the 625 S2 stereo amp which is 330watts of class A/AB power.  It is an extraordinary piece of gear.  

And yes, the chassis looks good, which is my bag.
The Class D may be at the output stage of this unit and we know the power is there but I question the "pre-amp section", how worthy is it..? Is it equal to a $15,000 or $25,000 or more separate pre-amp, transistor or tube.?
I wonder.?

Somebody can tell me if the deamon play better than my 925+corue+aeris and PSU. If it’s the case i don’t undesrtand the difference in the price???
No way Daemon will be better than your current suite of Rowland gear.
Thank’s. Did you do the comparisions deamon vs 925+corus+aeris+PSU? Or you think that the technology of the deamon is less performant? Also i bought the innuos SE streamer with only usb output. Jeff Rowland say that the soun is better if we use SPDIF.  So i will probably buy the converter Berkeley alpha. Do you have an opinion about that?
Nb sorry for my bad english ( french canadian)

Hello All, I was long hoping to try out the Rowland Daemon Superintegrated amp. Finally, last Thursday, a long awaited Daemon Superintegrated was delivered. Started break-in the following day, and have been scribbling listening notes since… The writing project will continue for at least a few months, until the integrated has stabilized, and I have exercised several of Daemon’s many input and output options. I have been waiting for a long time for this 99Lbs single box critter. It is Jeff Rowland’s integrated flagship. The DAC + Preamp + 1500W/8 (2500W/4) power amp in a single chassis is incredibly powerful and already sounding amazing after just 100 hours of break-in.


I am learning a lot about  this critter, and I see that severl friends here have asked excellent questions. So, y not join me to chat about Daemon around its own new Audiogon watering-hole, where I am narrating my experience  it. I'll try to answer all your questions there:


Of course, feel free to PM me if you like to talk in person about it.


Saluti, Guido