Does anybody not like Roon...based on SQ only?

I am in the process of updating my (Antipodes DX) server and it would be a good time to switch from using Squeezelite and Squeezebox Server to Roon.

My question is this, is the sound quality of Roon superior, the same as, or slightly deficient in some way compared to Squeezelite - Squeezebox Server?   Also, are there any other interfaces I should be considering?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.
You can always plug HQ player into Roon if you feel that you need something more. However, as of recent (I want to say Roon 1.2/3) all the DSP functions in native Roon sound outstanding. I don't use HQPlayer much anymore. 
What if you are running everything as PCM and not using DSD, still good?
Sure, I don’t convert to dsd in my normal practices. Roon or Roon/HQ player can either upsample or natively pass pcm at any sampling rate. AdditIonally, 1.5 Roon can now unfold mqa and pass to a non mqa dac which regardless of your feelings on mqa is a neat trick if you have tidal. I have never seen anyone complain about SQ that I can remember and more and more people seem to be questioning the need for hq player. (Although if you have a powerful computer HQplayer can do some crazy stuff)

My only motivation in mentioning HQ player is to make note that if by chance you were not happy with Roons digital engine you could offload it to HQplayer which no one seems to dispute is best.

Roon can do so much more too! Multi room, parametric eq, internet radio, etc.

Thanks again for the extra information.  I will be getting my Antipodes DX back as a Gen 3 in a few weeks and plan to use it as a server and then the SOtM trio as the endpoint.  My other option is a tricked out 2012 Mac mini that I have sitting in a box.  It has a SSD and outboard linear PS from Mojo Audio.  It would be fun to compare that to the DX with both running into the SOtM trio as the endpoint.
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