Does anybody listen to 'CAMEL' ?

What do you like by them?
I just picked up "The Music Inspired by the snow goose" on vinyl thanks to a friend who made a boarder run last week. Camel is an amazing band and depending on your likes they have something for all. The older you go with the music the more you will find progressive rock instrumental. So my top picks, and personally I don't thing you can go wrong with any of them; are as follows,

The Snow Goose
Stationary Traveler
Breathless ( The best morning music EV er! )
Moon Madness
Rain Dances
The Single Factor

Have a listen and let me know what ya think!!
Camel is one of my favorite bands. I have pretty much all of their albums except a few of the the live/compilations. My favorites are the first 5 (#1, Mirage, Snow Goose, Mooonmadness, and Raindances), and then the last 4 (Dust and Dreams, Harbour of Tears, Rajaz, and A Nod and a Wink). But everthing they have done is great, and every one of their albums have at least one song worth the price of the album.

Here's a discussion from the archives you may find interesting:
Yes, on occasion. Also enjoy the groups FLASH, PFM, Wishbone Ash as well as most other 70's prog rock. My new favorite is Porcupine Tree. The drummer is amazing.
I first heard Allison Steele play 'The Snow Goose' on WNEW-FM in 1974— it's quite beautiful. I also like 'Mirage' (which includes the Camel classics "Lady Fantasy" and "Nimrodel" suite, the end of which will give you goosebumps) and the first self-titled lp, both of which are more energetic than 'Goose.' A lot of people like 'Moonmadness' (their 4th) but I think the songs go nowhere. I lost interest in the mid-period stuff, then recently picked up 'Rajaz' and 'A Nod & a Wink' after hearing song-length samples on progarchivesdotcom, which I heartily recommend to all you would-be proggers.

Despite Camel's low profile among the general music-listening public (the normal response being either "Who?" or "You mean Frampton's Camel?"), they are among the core of the genre bands on progarchives, along with Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, ELP, Focus & Jethro Tull.
i second ghostrider
Thanks for all your responses, I will have to pick up
Rajaz & A Nod & a Wink. Another worth listen is
'I Can See Your House from Here', my favorite tune on
that being 'Remote Romance'.
I have on Vinyl most of there stuff, along with a
'Peter Bardens - Vintage 69' lp, which a got at a record convention years ago for $5.00. Most people I know never heard of them.
I should add also that while "I can see your house from here" isn't among their best overall (IMHO), the last track on it - "Ice" is one of the best guitar solos ever and belongs in the Audiogon "Most Achingly Beautiful" list.

If you don't have that cd - you need to get it asap for that song alone.
I agree Bdgregory, 'Ice' is a great one.
Rajaz is HDCD as well as great.
CAMEL, one of my favoutite groups ever. This is progressive rock at its best, very melodic. Andy Lattimer as an incredible multi-talented artist. I would highly suggest the albums Mirage, needs patientce and careful listening, in addition to their latest Nod and wink which proved that they are still on the top.

Try to find "Pressure Points Live" DVD concert, recorded in the early 80s, stereo only, but man, its amazing, the guitar play is phenomenal, snow goose never sounded as good.

Too bad Andy is so sick now.