Does anybody knows................................

Does anybody knows who was or were the designer(s) of the Mark Levinson 23.5? If this designer(s) still working on the hi end audio industry, on which one he or them are working now? He or them can`t be designing for Mark Levinson now , because the caracteristics that the 23.5 has are not compatible with their current amps.Thanks in advanced for your help.
Don't know the answer to your question, but I use to own a pair of 20.6 mono amps, and I am very familiar with the sound of the 23.5. IMO, the newer ML amps do not have the same musicality as the 20.6 or 23.5 or even the older ML2s. Those were beautifully sounding amps!
I'm speculating here, but might the answer be Mr. Mark Levison himself? I know he left ML a while back and founded Red Rose Audio.
Kim Cattrall, while she and Mark Levinson were writing their book.