Does anybody know where I can get an Audire preamp fixed?

My beloved Audire preamp has lost most of its right channel.  Or, I'm receiving a blend of the left signal  through both the right & left channels.  Either way I need help.  
I've tried replacing my Audire with two other units, but neither unit can match the clean, warm music I get from the Audire.

I could use the name of a repair shop (in the USA) that is familiar with Audire.  Any suggestions?


I'm not sure about his Audire experience, but I can highly recommend:

My friend just had his (old) Paoli preamp repaired and upgraded by Bob Backert. Excellent workmanship, reasonable rates, and a very nice guy. I currently have my EAR 868 preamp in  for an upgrade. He designs and builds his own preamps too. Highly recommended!

Best, Fred

Where are you located? It would help in finding someone local.
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I'm familiar with all of the Milwaukee area repair shops (my good ol' fav repair shop closed down last year).
What I hope to find here is a person who has/had an Audire component and had it serviced somewhere that is still in business.
I can't find any, available schematics for Audire equipment, so maybe there is a shop that used to repair them that still has the nitty-gritty knowledge and (maybe) some old parts.
BTW My L-R channel balance is way off. (Please see the opening post).