Does anybody know what's wrong with Tyler's bass?

I have checked some reviews on Tyler's Reference Monitors (I mentioned that I am planning to upgrade my Paradigm S-40) and found that everybody likes thier mids and highs but they say that Tyler's bass is "bad news" (from SOUNDSTAGE review).
Does anybody have any experience with those speakers to confirm or deny that?
How is this bass in comparison with Paradigm reference monitors?
The Taylos definately fall short in the bass department and if bass is your bag intend on supplementing them with a sub. I owned a pair and upgraded to the Linbrooks which being a former planar guy provide the necessary bass to float my boat. Other Linbrook owners probably augment with a sub. While I haven't heard them all most monitors rarely drop lower than 35hz and those that do cost plenty. As a for instance, Totem Mani-2 monitors probably have more bass than some floor standers but you have to like the Totem Sound which many people do. If you are at all worried about the low end then plan on a sub (Ty sells his own that no doubt would mate well)
bryston distributes the pmc loudspeaker line which obviously is a good match for your system but i'd have to add that the tylers aren't going to do much more than the paradigms other than empty your wallet...
Hi Daniel,

JRD thinks there will not be much improvement, he may be right. GIGO, garbage in, garbage out, is what will determine if the Paradigms or the Taylo's will work better for you. The Paradigm line is, from top to bottom, designed for mass market mid-fi systems. The Stutio line is made up of good solid, great value for the money speakers. No owner of one need apologize for them.

Be that as it may, if you have a really nice high resolution system, the Taylos are going to spank the Studio line. If you are thinking 2 way, and are not going to go HT, you may also want to consider the Ellis Audio 1801b's. Some are going to tell you that the Scan-Speak Revolators are the best, some prefer the Hiquphons, but I don't believe either camp will tell you that one will wipe the floor with the other, they are both top knotch.

The bass with either the Taylo's or the Ellis 1801b's is nice and tight, that is, they are VERY accurate, but they are not as extended as some want/need. If you listen to pipe organs, some classical, etc., then you will want to augment with a sub, if you listen to jazz, country, and other such types, then it will be FAR less important.


The new Tyler Linbrook Floor Standers would be something to consider. I bought a pair about 6 months ago and I love them. They use the better tweeter that is found in the Linbrook line. You get the same woofer as in the Taylo but the cabinent has more volume so it sounds fuller. They stand about 42 inches and are front ported. They are only a couple hundred more than Taylos and stands. Ty keeps telling me he will post info on his website soon. I think he will sell a ton of them if he does because it is a great speaker.
I owned tylers for sometime before selling them for a much cheaper set up (The amount of music I listened to , did not warrant the expense). The tylos use seas woofer and scanspeak tweeter. Check out and see how much they cost for a pair. The revelator tweeter costs $200 each! And the seas woofer is almost $140 ea!! That almost $700 in driver cost! Now add in the crossover parts, and the excellent cabinets!!! On audiogon, you can get these for about $1100.00. Unless Ty gets the drivers at a substantial discount, I cannot figure out how he can sell these speakers and make a living.
I have found sometimes that I thought speakers were limited in bass when it turned out that my cabling was the problem. Some cables with deep bass are Quatrofil, Cardas Golden Reference, Analysis Plus Oval 9. Might we worth a shot.
I recently upgraded to a pair of tylo reference monitors & matching sub from a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce sig's. The Tylers wipe the floor with the Vandersteens in my system. I read all the same reviews & had the same concern about the lack of bass since I have never owned monitors before. All my concerns went out the window as soon as I set the Tylo's up. With the sub I can have more thump than needed & with it set at a reasonable level I have more slam than the big Vandies ever hoped of achieving. I don't have any experience with Paradigm but for my money, in my system, in my room, playing rock & roll, there has been nothing finer. I also had a set of Kestral hot rods that couldn't come close to the Vandies as far as bass impact was concerned. Buy the Tylers & don't look back, you'll be glad you did.
The blame here shouldn't fall to the shoulders of the Tyler acoustic monitors, but to the category of monitors in general.

Your gonna need a sub with most speakers unless they boast dual 12's or 15's (assuming you care about music under 35hz)

What you trade off for in the bass department with monitors you gain in soundstage and clarity. Figure your gonna need a sub with most speaker setups (not all!, like Dunlavy or VMPS ~!)

so go from there
Hi Guys,
Thanks a lot for your responses and suggestions.
I eventually found one monitor which denies the theory that monitors can not produce a good bass without compromising clarity. The one is Totem Mani-2 - the flagship of Totem monitors. It goes amazingly deep and still detailed and cristal clear.
I tried monitor-sub combos and found that subs are usually boomi and kill monitors' clarity by this.
The only problem with Mani-2 is that it is a POWER-HUNGRY BEAST.
My Bryston 3-BSST with 175W per channel is barely enough for this speaker so I am considering to go up to Bryston 4-BSST.
Thanks again.
I have to revise this, the active 20's and 40's Paradigm made are awesome. I am sure with bette crossovers the others would sound better as well.
I have to revise this, the active 20's and 40's Paradigm made are awesome. I am sure with bette crossovers the others would sound better as well. The 1801's are as good, but it is important to give credit where credit is due, and Paradigm deserves it for these.