Does anybody know about the Mac C-33 Pre-Amp?

Do any of you macintosh experts know about the C-33 pre-amp
I'm looking at one to control a C.J. Evolution 2000, I'm. not even sure when C-33 was made. I would reall apreciate Any help I could get on this. Thank You ahead of time.
C33 was designed and produced in the 80's. Not a bad pre-amp, if you're looking for vintage gear. I own a C-32 mint condition, so I know what I'm talking about (C-33 may be considered its evolution). But if you're trying to get the best from your C.J., look for a more recent pre, 'cause a C-33 is almost unable to recreate a deep and high soundstage. Go to a more recent Audio Research, Conrad Johnson or if you like Mac, but don't want to be disappointed, try a vintage tube (C22) or a contemporary C45/C46.
Marco, Milan, Italy
For such a nice CJ, I wouldn't get a C33. I agree with the McIntosh C45/C46 idea (I have a C42 and feel it is fantastic). Arthur
love mac, but synergy is the thing with both brands....a pv 10 cj por favor
Yes, synergy is the key, that is true.