does anybody know about kirksaeter?

how good are they with a 500.00 budget? they are the 1970 monitor for sale here.a audio guy more lerned than said he's never heard of them. he's been an audio junky for 50 yrs. looking for a good to great monitor for a 11by 17 by 8 ft room. been to klipsch and paradigm(not studios). i loved the vandersteen 2ce, but too big. help? thanks for rply bryon
I really liked what I heard in the Kirkseater Silverline 60. This is a current Kirksaeter monitor that is up on here every once in a great while for you budget price. It is a compact monitor that puts out a big, engaging sound!

I preffered greatly to either Klipsch or Paradigm, but that's just me.

I remember seeing them at the last Audio Show here in Atlanta (1972?). I could not tell you about their sound, but I do remember I was interested in the line. If I am not mistaken, they compaired favorably with JBL's monitors at the time.

I ran across this link for the Tubaflex Model which I think pre-dates the pair you are looking at. At least it might give you some idea of the Kirksaeter stats. It is in German since the company was in Germany (the new Kirksaeter is in Norway) but is pretty easy to guess what the words mean.

There are very few speakers I would even consider buying (today) from the early 70's. $400.00 seems like a lot of money for a 30+ year old speaker but I have seen JBL L-100's go for as much or more. YMMV
Somewhere in my garage I still have a Kirksaeter bookshelf speaker from the 70's, the same period which you speak of. When I first acquired them at the flea market some ten years ago, I listened to them and they sounded just ok, nothing remarkable. If I remember corrctly, when I opened them,it seemed that some or all of the parts were Philips. If these are somewhat like the ones I have, they are only worth about $100. I would look for better values. The Dynaco A25 and A35 would be better speakers at a lower price. There are a myriad of good speakers you can acquire for $500 and below.
I recently acquired an older pair of Kirksaeter 3-ways (8", 5" and 1") in really nice teak cabinets. Haven't been able to determine the model number but they are extremely well made and really first rate speakers. A bit forward in the mids but very fast and detailed and a great match for the Sony STR6060FW they work with. Second pair of speakers I've run across that have moved in permanently. For perspective, the first is a pair of Lentek Monitor TL's.