Does anybody hear HMS speaker cables?


I am sourcing a pair of good speaker cables for my
system (I am using a MBL 8010C power amp +
MBL 300C loudspeaker). I have listened the HMS
speaker cables at my friend's home. He's using
Nagra VPA to push a pair of Wilson Benesch Act one
loudpeaker. The sound is ery good in giving an
outstanding sound stage, tonal balance, full of
ambience, no coloration, and good details. This
is one of my choice. However, if anybody has
experience in HMS speaker cable, please share
me with your experience. Thanks a lot.
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I listened to them in my system (McIntosh MC2000 - Revel ULTIMA SYSTEM) and found them very good. The HMS Grand Finale was one of my first choices until I came across Kimber Select 3035 which is in another league.
Good luck from Germany!
They are awesome. As the dealer offers 30-day return with full refund, why do not you give this a try. Cables are very system dependent and trying them out with your system is the only way. I have dealt with Tekunda and he is very sincere and trustworthy.
martin..i am using hms 'gran finale' speaker cables and ics in my system. i tried them against a complete nordost 'valhalla' system and,in my system, liked the hms better.they are the most naturally sounding cables i have yet heard in any the gentleman,in the post above says,you can't lose by trying them.i,almost guarantee.that you will keep them as they are superb.together with the ics they synergistically create an almost unbeatable system consists of tenor 75wi amps,piega p10 speakers and an scd-1. email me if you want more information..i will be glad to talk about them more. thanks...calloway

Thanks for your feedback. One thing concerned me
is the box on the speaker cable. Is it for Phase
correction or it's for impedance matching only.
Will it cause the hi-frequency roll off or slower
the speed? If a white brand power amp (e.g.
Goldmund) is used, will this box cause any mis-
matching? Any idea? Please advise. Many thanks.
MAy I answer the question Martin?
The box is there to adjust the current rise time in 9 to 16 steps. It is NOT a Network box, rolling off frequenciese like the Transparent cables e.g.
Between amps and speakers there is almost all the time a current rise time mismatch, which creates distortion.
So it is the opposite of your assumption:
The box will help to solve the mismatch problem with your speakers and Goldmund amps (since most of the time there is one, only the audiophile is not aware of it, since nobody has told him and other cable companies seem not to care) and not create a mismatch problem of its own.
Mr. Strassner knows enough about cables and currents. He would not have invented the box, if that was to create more problems. The box is there to fine tune components and cables to an unheard of degree. And it shows (I mean you can absolutely hear it)
Hi Tekunda,

Thanks for your advise. So, the box has it's
special function to match the rise time. I
have browsed the website of HMS and found that
the box circuit would not affect the signal path.
Anyway, with or without box is fine to me, the
most important is the sound is good and it's
easy matching between power amp and the speakers.
I don't have the speaker cables but do have the interconnects. To my mind they are amazing and I hope to have a review in soon.
Using the hms interconnects changed the whole sound of the system. Much more clarity, inner detail, microdynamics. Couldn't believe what I wasn't hearing before. The most amazing and suprising upgrade I have made. This is only with interconnects from the dac to preamp.
For all of you who will be in Germany around May 8th to May 13th: HMS will be present at one of the biggest Hi-Fi shows in Frankfurt/M, Germany. So all of you who have a chance, go visit the Kempinski Hotel, to get a real life impression of these cables and see for yourself if said claims are true or not.
Of course there is a lot more to see (and hear) than just cables) Many top manufacturers from all over the world will exhibit their new components. Personally I hope to catch a glimpse of the Piega C-40 and the new LumenWhite speakers with Diamond tweeters, driven by Italian-Austrian-Tschekoslovakian(spelling?)made Vaic tube amps. This system was already shown at this year's Las Vegas CES and was said to be a killer sound system. (Of course the price can kill you too) But it is always interesting to hear a top notch system, in order to see what technology can and cannot reproduce.

Christian Brouwer
Importer of HMS cables