Does anybody have Loth-X Ion BS1's out there?

Does anyone have a pair of Loth-X Ion BS1 speakers? If so -can I get your thoughts on how they sound compared to more typical offerings? Should I pull the trigger?
I have the amaze in addition to a pr of jm reynaud offrandes powered by an audiomat prelude.For the money the amaze present pure music and just dissapear.I understand that the bs1 is a similar presentation with a bit less detail.They prefer tubes.
If similar,you will get true,effortless and enjoyable music for a great price.
I do demo the amaze for Joe in the Boston area.Coupled with a vbt alpha d sub you get a real good speaker system for less than $1500.
Female vocals,like jucinta, are haunting in their presentation.Lifelike and accurate.
Hope this helps and drop me an email if you have questions.
I have had the BS1's for about a month. They were purchased as my second system speakers to match with a low powered 2A3 Amp. They seem to do the trick.

If you are looking for the ultimate in detail, or soundstage depth look elsewhere. If you are looking for relatively small, inexpensive and efficient speaker to match with a SET Amp, I think you should audition a pair. The Loth's have very nice pace and rhythm with a good overall cohesiveness and imaging. What you won't get is tons of inner detail and layering. If your idea of fun is to sit and pick out each individual instrument and line, these are not way to go. As small speakers, they also will not compare well in the soundstage department with large floor standing (especially Planar or ribbon) models. If, on the other hand, you think the most important attribute of a speaker is to be fast and lively and help provoke an emotional response to the music, you are on the right track.

The BS1's represent a good Value for $500 (street price) but don't expect "cost no object" build quality. They are very utilitarian and functional. They will not garner oohs and aahs from a decor point of view. However, they definately fill a needed void in the low cost, small footprint SET speaker area.