Does anybody have information on Yankee Audio?

I am looking for pics, reviews, opinions, etc. on Yankee Audio's full-range planar and hybrid loudspeakers.
I believe John Taylor/Yankee Audio are in Fallbrook,Ca.Bruce Jacobs {920-733-8539 may have contact information and/or product sheets.I owned the FPR 72 MKII/III.They replaced a set of ML CLS.Much less bright,better harmonic timbre.They need a big room and should be placed 1/2 way into the room-to prevent rear wave reinforcement.Finally sold mine,as I was moving and they are very heavy.Don't be talked into leaving a deposit,production is slow.
Thanks for the response.
Yankee Audio is in Vista,CA. I have two phone numbers:{760}-728-4488 OR {760}-941-2860.Hope this helps!