does anybody have core furniture racks

can anybody explain experience with core furniture amp stands and racks,and is their any rack sounding similar to SRa racks but at modest price
I also have interst is their racks and was hoping to see action on this thread. Someone must have expierence with these products.
i purchased two of their MOD3 racks and am awaiting delivery. i started a thread about core furniture, but i guess it was deleted. maybe if this thread survives, i can give an impression when they arrive.
thanks Kgturner i will look forward to your experience with core racks,when you receive let everbody on audiogon have it
today only i received mail from arnold with pictures of the core products,which looks great
i received my MOD3 racks yesterday and have assembled them and placed my gear on them in static display at this time.

they arrived very, very well packaged with no shipping damage which is no easy feat for two 95 lb. boxes shipped from san francisco to mobile, alabama.

the assembly was very straight forward and easy. i was worried about the stability of the rack since the three shelves are held into their four respective grooves with only a single two inch-ish long bolt at each corner. but once everything was tightened, the rack feels to be rock solid with no detecable shimmy or sway.

the finish is beautiful with the texture and grain of the walnut being very uniform amongst the shelves and uprights. both boxes contained all the accessories (12+1 shelf bolt, an allen wrench, 4 spikes and 4 coasters, and an ample supply of beeswax for lubricating the shelves for the dadoed joints). arnold even included some CD's for free (Michael Jackson - Ben / Pink Floyd: Ummagumma 2 CD set).

for anybody owning core furniture products, i spoke with arnold recently regarding the care of the wood and he recommended "howard feed-n-wax". it is a wood preserver/polish made with beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil. i picked up a 16 oz. bottle (~$8) from home depot today and treated one rack so far. it really brings out the beauty of the walnut even better than just dusting with pledge. it also adds an amazing luster to the wood. just thought i'd pass this experience along to anybody interested.