Does anybody have any info on the New Levinson 400

the new 400 series amps , I know there is a three channel 3x200, and was suppose to be 2, two channel amps. These where supposed to be released at Cedia. Can any one give me any info, such as Pricing, Size, and specs of these Units?
Talking to Madrigal is like asking questions to the CIA. Someone spill the Beans!
They should be out by Christmas. 200 and 400w models. Stereo. No fans. 200W model priced close 335 today.
The 431 is a 200W dual monoblock amp, the 432 is a 400W dual monoblock amp and the 433 is a 200W triple monoblock amp. All three amps use the design heritage of the 434 and 436 mono amps. The 432 is due out in Jan 03, the 431 in Mar 03 and the 433 in June 03. As of last week, pricing had not been set.
I spoke with Madrigal last week. The new amps are much smaller and lighter than the mammoth 300 series beasts. These newer models are going to be fan cooled instead of the impressive heat sinks on earlier generations. I believe thay even can be rack mounted. If you call Madrigal, they will send you the information which is due out in the next couple of weeks.