Does anybody have any experience with the JBL 1400

I have an opportunity to get a pair of these for a great price. I have listened to them a couple of times and liked them. I would be driving them with a Mcintosh 452 power amp. Any input would be appreciated
Very, very, very good speakers for rock, electric blues and music with lots of dynamics. I didn't think they excelled as well presenting the nuances of female vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, cello, violin (individual instruments)... They are, however, extremely dynamic and can play large scale musical passages at live levels without flinching...
I am also a fan of BIG speakers, like you!
The JBLs are in storage right now, tho I did listen to them for a few months (way back when) with a B&O 5000 system of all things (!) I have been reading your posts regarding your Tara Labs preference. I actually have two of their One PCs.
I hope you don't forget about us when you finally get your Krells back. HA
@ Isochronism, Thankyou, I will not forget about all the members here, I am hoping I will have alot to talk about!, I just bought a Taralabs cobalt power cord with the up-graded oyaide plugs and can not even use it!, Kinda lame!, the amp is costing us so much money that they are letting us do payments!, I will see the amp in mid october because of us making the payments, Krell will be done with the amp by next week!cheers!
Your Krells will be better than than ever, given your saga's history with them.
May I suggest making birdhouses or pot holders, etc ... anything to get your mind off of them HA. I'd have to!! They will be home soon and it will be good!!