Does anybody have any experience with the JBL 1400

I have an opportunity to get a pair of these for a great price. I have listened to them a couple of times and liked them. I would be driving them with a Mcintosh 452 power amp. Any input would be appreciated
They are stage speakers. Last made 1983. Two fifteens in bottom loaded horn. Search 4550 images. Also have high frequency horn.
Would like to try bi-amping with my 300Bs on bottom and my 45s on top.
Although they are long-throw. Should have a big long room. I'm presently in a small apartment.
@ Isochronism, Hi, Thanyou, LOL!, You will need a large room for them speakers!, I once had a pair of Cerwin vega pro use speakers on a complete High-end system, The vegas were the v-15E speakers 3 - way!, 101 sensativity with a Krell FPB 200, and I had thousands of dollars of polycrystal resonance control!, till this day, that was the best sounding system I have ever owned!, I have way more money in my current system!, the v-15E speakers were made for live key boards!, alot of the mids came out of the 15" woofer!, Magical sound with kick, I had Taralabs cables on that system too, a full loom of the one cable system with all the out board grounding stations that Tara does not use on the one cable system now, and that old school cable system for the one is alot better than the current one system, I know, my spare cables is the new version of the one cable system, Its still good!, not like it use to be!, now a days, I have the very best Taralabs makes, all of it!,,, cheers!
Very, very, very good speakers for rock, electric blues and music with lots of dynamics. I didn't think they excelled as well presenting the nuances of female vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, cello, violin (individual instruments)... They are, however, extremely dynamic and can play large scale musical passages at live levels without flinching...