Does anybody change their speaker placement with different types of music and bands?

Does anybody change their speaker placement with different types of music and bands?
I am wondering if if different music has an overall best position, ex. near field for such and such, speakers wide apart for types of imaging. I feel it might have to depend on recording and mastering? stereo or mono? 
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Well let’s see... it took me hours and hours of tweaking and measuring and trial and error to get the combination of speaker placement and listening position optimized. Then another hour or so tweaking toe in to get the perfect balance of sound stage width, depth and focus. Then the whole room is treated with a similarly time consuming combination of panels, finally culminating in a dozen or so HFT, each of them carefully placed to fine tune things to near perfection, and all based on where the speakers are now.

Okay. So the question is, am I gonna do all that every time I pull out a record?

Just want to make sure I understand the question.

This is actually a very good question. Kudos to the OP for thinking creatively. It may be true, not sure, but you'll find very few people wiling to put in the time and effort to do so. Listening habits, i.e. playing one artist for a week, etc. versus a variety of artists daily, would dictate the (im)practicality of it. 

There is no "perfect" positioning; subjectivity is inherently involved in the home environment. Audiophiles can revisit the seating position as well as the positioning, baffle slope, toe in, etc. of the speakers. 

I know of no one who repositions for each selection played, but in terms of speakers used, a different position for each particular speaker would not be unreasonable. You could always move the listening chair to suit your fancy as a means of getting into or out of the soundstage. 

In my experience I have found that a favorable positioning of the speakers relative to the chair is gratifying with all music. I do occasionally experiment with width, toe in and distance from the chair, as well as speaker distance from head wall.  YMMV
The only fail safe way to find the absolute best locations for speakers is using the speaker placement track on XLO Test CD or similar. All (rpt all) trial and error methods, laser techniques, etc. are only capable of finding local maximums. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack by guessing. For a given room and speakers there is only one solution to the problem. All other methods are like trying to solve n simultaneous equations in n+x unknowns. And as progress is made with room treatments and tweaks the speaker locations will have to be re-established as needed.
I'll bet Michael Green does.
I have to pull out my speakers every night to listen and find that I place speakers closer together for albums. That seem to be mixed where there is not a lot of soundstaging. Trios that have bass in the middle but recorded so weak that the drums to the right and piano/sax to the left overpower it. Maybe I have not found the perfect placement of my speakers yet? But it is fun moving them around and do consider my set up high end! 
I wonder if I play a mono record that the speakers should be placed wider than with stereo recordings?

just thinking outside the box eventhough it seems in audio setups everybody is my way or the highway! Maybe they are correct lol
As fate would have it most speakers are placed way too far apart and toed in way too much. The best strategy is start with four feet apart and slowly move the speakers farther apart, preferably using ye olde XLO speaker placement track so you can hear when the sound snaps into place instead of groping around like a blind man looking for his contact lens. Chances are rather good that, all things being equal, 5-6 feet apart with no toe in will be best in most situation. 🤗
Just listen thru a good headphone setup.

Once you develop awarness that it really is different for EVERY recording, you'll go mad obsessing about it.

Reality-you can't truly win. 
It's a good question. I have tweaked my speaker placement to get the best overall sound for different types of music and I'm not going to move them anytime soon. They are Salon 2's. So, I guess some of it may depend on the speakers you have (bookshelf or Wilson Wamm Master Chronosonic's). 
Maybe what's happening is that certain recordings bother me how it is mixed, mastered and recorded that I wish there was a way to fix it which brings me to these questions. It  interesting what people pick doing in the studio
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I get it I get lol, how do I delete this post. haha
How about different amps for different music? No!! Too?