Does Any One Know About Music Angel Kt88 Mono Bloc

Category: Amplifiers

New To Tubes Any Help Would Be Great Also A tube Preamp Maybe Music Angel Also Or Any Recomenditions Please Help
Music Angel M88 Kt88 Tube Mono Blocks 65 Watts Ultra Linear New To Tubes Not A Lot Of Money Thanks For Your Help
I had a different Music Angel amp. It worked, but it was cheap Chinese, wouldn't recommend it, you won't really get a feel for what good tube gear is all about.
You posted a question in the reviews forum. You are not likely to get answers here. Post in the general forum.
Does Avy One Have Info Om Thr Nusic Angel Ms Kt88 Mono Blocks New To Tubes Need Some Feed Back Any And All Help Would Be Aptreciated Thank You All ron8773