Does any one know a cable that is able to compete with clear day double shotgun?

I have a pair of clear day double shotgun and curious to know how its level is in the current market. If you have tried clear day’s double shotgun and some other speaker cables, please share your experience. Thank you in advance.

Cabledyne is also one that is usually referred to on the forum and very attractive at its price range(Synergy). Thanks a lot!
I received my silver cables and interconnects from John yesterday and today I hooked them up. They look well made and well finished. Usually he just covers them with heatshrink, but I asked for additional nylon braid. I think it improves the look and feel.

They sound great. A little more transparent, slightly deeper soundstage. I’m getting closer to that holographic image people refer to. I think I’m limited by my room and speaker placement rather than cables though.

All in all I’m very happy and will order more cables from John.

As a comparison I’m thinking of getting some cabledyne cables for the living room and I’m contemplating some Gothic Audio cables for my second system:


  Glad to hear your feedback and thanks to the discovery. Looks like silver cable makers in UK are quite active. Unfortunately I didn't find any review about the Gothic Audio. Please let me know if you find any.

Do you also have clear day cable in hand? Can you share the comparison result?

Cabledyne is one of the recommendation in Audiogon. It can be a very good a/b test standard.

Zenwave speaker cables 
I don't have any clearday cables. I tried to buy some but he's not making them anymore.

I'm trying to buy some Cabledyne as well. I'm in the US in a few weeks and I was trying to coordinate my order with my trip, but the supplier is away for Chinese New Year with no ETA on when they'll be able to provide the silver again. I might just have to order those to the UK.

Gothic also goes under the name of Achtung. They have good eBay reviews but that doesn't really mean anything. They also have a 30 day trial so I could buy and return if I'm unimpressed. John Miller had the same, but I'm keeping his.