Does any one have a link to Playboys stereo systems of the rich and famous?

Its was a series from the late 70s or 80s. Famous people would pose in front of their stereos. Ann Margret/Roger Smith in front of a blue meter Pioneer cassette deck. Kenny Loggins beside his big OHM I's. Burt Bacharach with his low fi system. He didn't want to lose touch with what most of his audience listens with. A famous basketball star posing with his Infinity IRS. I found the link 10 or more years ago. I would like to revisit it again. Thanks all. Mike
You're supposed to say you read it for the articles. You're not supposed to actually ask for the articles.
Playboy had articles?
I haven't cared about Playboy in many years, but back in the day it employed some of the best writers in the biz, and the Playboy Interview was generally respected and very cool. Hef's "Playboy Philosophy" was unreadable nonsense, but otherwise it actually was a good read (great cartoonists also) as long as the pages weren't stuck together. 
I remember that very article of Roger and Ann's system as I used to raid my Dad's monthly mailed issues.  There were also some very good music articles - it's where I learned about Guy Clark and his classic Old No. 1 album.
@wolf_garcia  Excellent points, all!
I’m surprised no mention of’d think it was all over the Playboy demographic. My first job in Hi-Fi the store owner (Mac dealer) was absolutely “the kind of man who reads Playboy”...a status obsessed, philandering, misogynistic country club denizen. 
Or in my case a 14 year old kid in the mid 60's who was given a subscription to Playboy by my recently divorced mother...supposedly justified by the fact I was a James Bond fan and had read every book, and now Playboy was serializing Ian Fleming's new absolutely perfect diversion, and how else was I to know the proper way to tie a bowtie, learn about Shelby Cobras and Mercedes 600s, mix a perfect martini, read interviews of Dylan, the Beatles, Tim Leary, etc., and the history of Wing Tips....every 14 year old should know these things...
Remember Woody Harrelson in The People vs Larry Flynn lampooning Playboy for being out of touch with their readers?  He was holding the current issue and reading the title of an Article, “How To Improve Your Stare-we-oh”