Does altitude change the sound of speakers??

Does altitude effect the sound of speakers? (Moved from Cleveland,Ohio 850' altitude to Prescott,AZ altitude 5,350')
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I’m high in the Rockies and everything sounds very fine.
Lightning sucks big time up here though. It’s closer!
WOW, Never expected to get responses like what I received. A YES or NO would have been sufficient! A number were "off mission" and there were others that were just plain strange. We audiophiles are a strange bunch! 

Now to what I actually heard: In Cleveland my speakers had a sweet warm sound which was what I was used to. In Prescott the sound became brittle and hard. I suspect that I need to do a lot of room tuning and carpet installing. I have some very loud cars and a very loud boat. These sounded the same here as in the CLE. If I made 1 mistake in my life it was waiting so long to move to this beautiful place.Thanks for your comments on & off mission!

yes it definitely does change. it's all related with sound velocity. if humidity, density or pressure increases sound velocity in air increases too. sound is lazy. sound waves tend to move to where sound velocity is lower.
there is no way to come to a conclusion with one variable like altitude because humidity has a greater impact on sound velocity. if humidity is the same on both places than higher altitude cause more absorption than lower altitude on high frequencies. and it's perceived as slight decrease in treble and attack. same happens if humidity decreases. 
it's all related with sound propagation and behavior of sound in fluids. air or water more or less same rules apply for sound propagation cause both are fluids. I'm a submariner. and whole submarine warfare and anti submarine warfare (ASW) is based on tactics regarding sound velocity profile (SVP).