Does All in the Family = Synergy ? in Nordost?

I'm upgrading the cables in my system and am wondering if using a short Speaker 1.5mtr run of Nordost Heimdall Speaker cables is overkill if I'm using a 9 mtr long run of Blue Heaven IC's between my preamp and amps. Same question of overkill regarding using a higher level of IC's on the front end components into the preamp if the IC's between the Preamp and amps are not of the same high level.
System: QUAD ESL 2805's, VTL 225's w/Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha PCs,VTL 5.5 PreAmp/Xtream Plus PC, PS Audio Quintennese w/Statement PC. CAL Cl-10 w/red dawn,Diamond Back PC. Thinking of add AYRE 7e CDP, have an Alpha VX PC.
Use a Linn LP 12 w/blackbird cartridge.
Current have a 9mtr run of TARA Labs RSC Gen2 IC's.

So what do you think. Is is ok to have better IC's on the front end, better speaker cables and ok IC's between Preamp and Amp or shouls they match up better?
I think you want the best cables on the front end (ICs) where the voltages are much lower and RF interference or intermods are subject to amplification.
I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish. You are afraid that the lower quality Nordost Blue Heaven i/c between your preamp and amp may be the limiting factor if you consider higher quality(more expensive) speaker cables and i/c between your source and preamp.

I guess you will never get a general consensus on this. Since I am not familiar with Tara Labs i/c's, I cannot guarantee whether you would be able to obtain an improvement if you were to upgrade to the Nordost Blue Heavens. However, there is no wrong in using a higher quality speaker cable and a higher quality i/c between your source-preamp together with a lower quality i/c between your preamp-amp. The only issue that may be of interest to you is whether the improvements you obtain would be in line with the amount of money you have spent on the cables. That only you can answer for yourself.