Does alcohol impair appreciation of sound?

Curious to know how alcohol effects other audiogon members when they are listening to music. For me, seems the frequencies become dull and I find myself wanting to mess around with the controls.
Stop drinking MD 20/20 try Barolo or Amarone.
Technically it dulls all senses, but emotionally maybe different...
Great idea. A lot of so called High End manufacturers should give 50 bottles for free to each of their customers for a personal break in support .... new ideas for marketing (invite your friends for break-in Party's....)
Not at a Lynard Skynard concert...
Not unless you are very drunk!
Still conducting research.
Alcohol has it's moments. Just enough can enhance the experience and too much can lead you to turn on the TV or fall asleep.

I always wondered why some rooms at audio shows serve alcohol. Was it for the jaded reviewers, looking for respite or a softening of sorts for the novices?

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Not until after the third double Martini - - - on an empty stomach.
It effects my hearing as well. Harder to hear details after I've had a few.

I brought this up on another forum and it was not well received by some. Too sensitive a subject I guess.
I enjoy listing to my system playing back music when I'm buzzed.. It takes the edge off and sounds more relaxed to me.
I enjoy listening under the influence (LUI). It seems to me that the soundstage opens up. Physiological, psychological or emotional reasons for this? My approach is with 77jovian, still conducting research.
A general question by the op. He really should clarify. I take it he's referring to hearing. As such, it affects everybody the same, which affect has been stated.
Alcohol is a toxin and the hair cells of the inner ear are, as we know, superbly sensitive. When alcohol gets into the bloodstream it comes into direct contact with the hair cell, and is absorbed within the cell, where it interacts with basic cell processes. Of course this is temporary and as far as we know completely reversible. But it impairs hearing in a dose-related fashion, at least temporarily.
I find myself much less critical. As a matter of fact, I ended up enjoying just youtube quality with a glass of drink. Seeing a video also enhances my musical enjoyment for some reason.
What do you think?

How it affects others might not be very meaningful. Its how each individual is affected that matters.

There is usually a period of "euphoria" associated with getting drunk, stoned or whatever where I suspect a music lover's appreciation of music would be increased temporarily but for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction so that is usually followed by a longer period of depression in that alcohol is a depressant drug last time I checked.

So there you go. Personally I would advise to not lean to heavily on alcohol to create something that does not exist otherwise. Too much of anything is almost always not a good thing and alcohol is a prime example.

Its a good question though in that it demonstrates how much a persons physiology and state of mind, which varies over time, can affect ones enjoyment of music to a great extent, probably way more so than many more material tweaks that might be attempted as a result.

We are humans not robots or machines. When what we hear changes, there is always a very good possibility that it is a result of a change within us as much as in how the devices are performing, though its easy to always blame or credit the devices.
It's like driving with a dirty windshield. You know what's coming, but miss some details.
Alcohol kills brain cells. Like a predatory animal, it seeks out and kills the weaker cells of the herd. That's why you're always smarter when you're drunk!
First time I've ever appreciated an EBM comment. I figured he would recommend seeking out the Magico reserve special label.

But seriously folks: I'm 7 months sober (in a row!). My listening habits have def changed, the main one being much, much lower volume is my preference now. Even going to downsize my new Triton 1 soon. Alcohol had me playing the thunder music (e.g., Screaming Blue Messiahs) or my live Jane's Addiction DVD (jaw-dropping performance & fidelity) recorded Halloween in New Orleans before a huge crowd. Seek that one out to wow your friends on the big screen.
I am a social drinker,I enjoy alcohol at parties,social gatherings,get togethers with friends,family.
For me alcohol definitely makes me enjoy music more.
I will have a beer or two on Saturday while listening,I even mix it with ginger ale.
If I go for a third or one more beer,my younger boy will come around and say - dad,how many beers you had already?-
One more reason not to drink,it sets a bad example to your own kids and family.
I usually buy a case of 24 beers and will last me all summer season.
One or two drinks does not impair my ability to hear, as far as I can tell, and often enhances the entire musical experience.

Jump on Barolo and Beethoven.
Ebm: I'd probably do Brunello and Beethoven and Barolo and Mozart.
EBM loves to jump on things. Watch out! (:^>
When alcohol is mixed with music it's called a Party. Have fun, Anal-ysis is futile.
Its a well known fact that audiophiles love to party. So there you go.
Of course the real issue with the consumption of alcohol is the degradation to sound quality produced by all the empties lying around that act as Helmholtz resonators but tuned to the wrong frequency and placed in the wrong locations. It's enough to drive a man to drink.
music improves drinking.
One drink is fine, but more than that is drinking with some nice tunes in the background.
I have to rethink my answer. I will undertake a rigorous study. Today I will have 1 shot of bourbon and listen to music. I will gauge my appreciation.

Tomorrow I will have 2 shots of bourbon and listen to music and gauge my appreciation.

The next day I will have 3 shots of bourbon, listen to music and gauge my appreciation.

I think this study will be complete in about 5-6 days
I have to rethink my answer. I will undertake a rigorous study. Today I will have 1 shot of bourbon and listen to music. I will gauge my appreciation.

Tomorrow I will have 2 shots of bourbon and listen to music and gauge my appreciation.

The next day I will have 3 shots of bourbon, listen to music and gauge my appreciation.

I think this study will be complete in about 5-6 days

Regardless of the music, I‘m guessing around day 6, you will look and feel very peaceful. :-)
And at day 7, really really peaceful at the undertakers.
If you want to really get into the music (here i am talking about complex material like T.Monk and Beethoven, etc. and not Lynard Skinner which simply doesn't require close listening), play it while in a totally sober condition. It's primarily about attentiveness and not enjoyment per se. IMO, the more you hear in real time, the greater the pleasure you experience. Of course OTOH, if you go to a pub with a loud band playing R and Roll, it's more about the rhythm and less about the individual notes.
Drinking can be fun (exception- look out for mean drunks!) but it blurs the subtle nuances produced by a hi-rez system.
I await Alberts discovery, meanwhile;
I love a drink with a listening session.
Savoring the aroma and and richness of French
Brandy while having the luxury of Chamber Music
of a Master beautifully played and elegantly
reproduced by a system that reveals every nuance
allows me to feel like a King. As to amount; as Brandy
is best enjoyed warmed and sipped, I find no desire
to to drink to excess. As the warmth of the Brandy enhances my bodily sensations and relaxes my mind I am soon
overtaken by the music. I often find Brandy
in the glass after a listening session where I have been
transported to the world of a genius. Cheers...
Proper and joyful alcohol consumption requires proper research. One drink has to win with the best 'during' and 'after' actions per each individual. Some people prefer one drink over the other as a matter of fact, but I'll add more as an experienced drinker who never became an alcoholic. I found myself the most comfortable during and after 2 double-shots of Hine cognac chased either with peach, grapes, lemon, oranges and/or dark chocolate in the mix. I feel nothing bad at all after and it seems more like high than drunk and even able to drive car/truck or ride motorcycle. May even go to gym, but perhaps in mid-40's might be too risky to 'burn the engine':)

Cognac triggers me to listen to some fusion, funky jazz, punk rock(if creative please no Ramones)... Also it triggers me to take my musical instruments and start jamming and sometimes singing. I compared myself when sober and when with cognac recorded singing and cognac definitely wins making me totally different performer.
I had an uncle who when under the influence, liked to switch to eyeglasses of a different prescription. He called this special pair his "drinking glasses." There is probably an analogy for audio...
"music improves drinking." perfection by lloydc...cheers!
Noooo, impair alcohol does not depreciate sound
Buurrrrp, scuze me?

Drinking, makes you turn the volume up a lot higher, than when your not drinking. That just proves it de sensitizes you.   Hey that’s why I have Dynaudios...they love to be turned up loud! And let me tell you something .....with a great system it does not matter if your drunk (not passed out drunk), stoned, or sober, you still hear and feel, everything!   

Matt M

Ok- I just finished my second glass of some nice red wine, and the music is sounding fantastic right now!

Sure it does, just like when you were a horny young stud half tanked at the local at closing time, anything looked good.

Cheers George
Multitasking, a great way to knock off two hobbies simultaneously. So much for audiophilia.
For me, seems the frequencies become dull and I find myself wanting to mess around with the controls.

Here's a bit of advice, since audiophiles have certain OCD tendencies, don't start tweaking your system while under the influence.
As much as you may want to, better wait til tomorrow.