Does Age Matter?

Having read and contributed to several threads on the digital vs analog controversy I developed a nagging itch that suggested it is older people that prefer analog and younger people digital. If this is the case than there is most definitely a nostalgic element to that opinion. Perhaps we can answer that question. I will go first. Please do not ruminate on the differences. Age and preference, digital, analog or both! We'll tally the results at the end. 

I am 67 and like Both analog and digital.
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79 and prefer CDs and streaming. Can't stand the surface noise on vinyl.
At 66 I still love a great sounding L P.
Started streaming this last year. Now my 3000 CD collection is collecting dust. Not to mention the $40,000 that's gone. There are times I can get off the couch and play a CD since they usually sound better.
However they do a purpose. When starting a listening session via streaming I run into a road block after a while what to play. 
It really helps to look over the CD's and go, Oh Yes, I need to hears this.
Better yet, what's fantastic is looking up a group that I got into 20 years ago that I have lost touch with. Some are gone and some have released many offerings since. 
Ultrasonic cleaning does wonders for background noise. All my 2,000 vinyl have been washed. It's part of the process and I actually love doing it. Every 9 albums I get go through the process, takes me about half an hour. Piece of cake and amazing difference, even on brand new albums. Vinyl is a love affair. Anything else is like marriage. Comfortable but not very exciting.
I'm 77 and prefer digital. My 65 year collection is all on Roon.
Mijo, if you want to take an informal poll for your own amusement, fine. But don’t kid yourself that you are going to arrive at some statistical proof of anything. The vinyl sales data show that  purchasers were about evenly distributed among persons in 5 age groups between 17 and 55+. So, for vinyl there is no trend related to age of the buyer. This need not mean anything as regards CD adherents, which is different from “digital “ because so many now stream their music and no longer buy CDs at all.