Does Age Matter?

Having read and contributed to several threads on the digital vs analog controversy I developed a nagging itch that suggested it is older people that prefer analog and younger people digital. If this is the case than there is most definitely a nostalgic element to that opinion. Perhaps we can answer that question. I will go first. Please do not ruminate on the differences. Age and preference, digital, analog or both! We'll tally the results at the end. 

I am 67 and like Both analog and digital.
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50 and digital. But my preference is to be 25.
Matter ages, but age doesn't matter.
All the young folk playing records on Crosley’s guarantee a future supply of VG vinyl media stock on Discogs.
66 yrs young 
90% vinyl
10% CD
Still young enough not to be bothered by the extra work to play vinyl. In fact I rather enjoy it, it keeps me in shape :) plus it sounds soooooo sweet.