Does Accuphase T-109V stack up in Top 10 Tuners?

I am in the market for a new tuner and have really enjoyed reading the All Time Top 10 Tuners forum. A lot of the posts are over 2 years old and I was wondering how the new Accuphase T-109V stacks up today (it has been recommended as the best by the dealer here in Denver who also carries McIntosh and Magnum Dynalab)? The Accuphase T-109V is mentioned in the Top 10 forum a couple of times but I believe it might have been too new to have been thoroughly understood and evaluated during a majority of the Top 10 forum. Am I correct and what are everybody's thoughts on this tuner vs the MD 108, Mac 78/80/85, and others?
For the past three years, we have owned the earlier T-109 purchased used from the dealer you mention, Audio Unlimited in Denver. The unit had been traded for the then-new T-109v, which, by the way, specs out identically to the older model.

My wife (a most critical listener) and I auditioned a number of tuners listed in the Top Ten, which you reference, and settled on the Accuphase for a number of reasons. Among them, superior ability to pull and separate weaker signals on an indoor dipole antenna--we're 20 miles from Denver, excellent sonics, features and ease of operation, and unquestioned reliability and build quality.

If we were to replace the 109, it would be with the 109v, recognizing that there are other tuners that merit praise. Obviously, we're quite pleased with the Accuphase.

John and Carl at Audio Unlimited sell three of the Top Ten tuners available, as you note. The three of us agree on the T-109 as the creme-de-la-creme.
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