Does AC Power Cord to Linear Power Supply matter?

About to run Core Audio Tech Kora LPS to Jcat USB card. Does the AC power cord to the LPS matter?
I don't know, but I guess it matters just as it does with other power cords. Is it worth the sound improvement? I guess only you can answer that.

FWIW, my highly optimized PC with linear PS has a generic power cable.

I also think it depends how the rest of the PC is powered. For example, if you provide ultra clean power to the JCAT, but the rest of the computer is supplied from a noisy PS, I suspect the power cord to the PS will make less of a difference than if the mobo and (assuming) SSD for the OS are each fed from a clean source.

But this is my guess. I suggest you post this question at the JPlay forum, where some folks have been experimenting big time with many combinations of power supply methods. I've seen you around, but I don't think people there are as open minded about power supplies as on the other forum mentioned.

Let us know how it goes!
Saw you at JCat forum. Good!

BTW, since you have several aftermarket PCs, why don't you try for yourself? Choose the PC you deem makes the least impact in your system now and replace it with a generic PC. Get used to the new sound. Then use that aftermarket PC for you linear PS and listen for changes. Cheap and easy test, and you can see if it makes a difference in YOUR system. That beats all others' opinions.
I purchased a Linear power supply for my DSPeaker unit that works with my Fathom F-113 subs. A quality power cord did provide better performance.
@Lewinskih01, Obviously, I could make the comparison myself and at some point will. However, I have a few components that still need more burnin in, while there's a June 1 price increase deadline looming on my preferred power cords and I'm currently on the road. So, this (LPS) being new, I wanted to see what others had found.
Linear Power Supply is a noisy switcher that operates at 120Hz. Current from mains is drawn in narrow spikes of high amplitude. Cable should have enough frequency response to handle it and to shield it from radiating out.
"Linear Power Supply is a noisy switcher that operates at 120Hz." This is key.

The PC is a 2 way street, allowing noise from the power supply to flow back into the mains and corrupt your AC to other components in your system in a very negative way. You won't hear the noise, but it will degrade SQ in subtle ways. Inserting a Shunyata Alpha Digital PC to the power supply of my Lumin made a huge difference. It is specifically designed to address this issue. AC borne noise is grossly misunderstood and underestimated by the average audiophile. Successful measures to eliminate it can result in stunning improvements in a system, equal or greater than a major component upgrade!
I should add to my previous comment, that hearing the negative effects on SQ of noise on your AC line (most often generated in your own house or by your own audio gear) is only likely if your system is already capable of high resolution. Owners of lesser systems may not notice a difference.
In addition to high frequency noise produced by LPS there is 120Hz component very difficult to filter out. In addition LPS in amplifiers is almost always unregulated (line and load). Recently quiet switchers operating at much higher frequencies appeared. Rowland used them in Capri preamp (no other reason than noise reduction) and recent top of the line class AB amplifiers (operating at 1MHz). My Benchmark DAC1 has linear power supply inside but the newest version DAC2 has internal switcher to reduce noise by another 10dB. Modern switchers operate/switch at zero voltage/zero current while LPS switches when voltage is the highest. Rectifier diodes are most of the time too slow to react conducting for a moment in opposite direction causing voltage spikes.