Does a taste for high end audio, also carry over into your other interests?

I would guess there are some where high-end audio may be somewhat different than their interest or investment into "other" things.  From myself and my audiophile friends, there seemed to be interest in food, cameras, computers and even into musical instruments and architecture/house design/interior design.  

My question is, what else in your life gets the same attention and would some consider you "esoteric" in your choices?  Of my two closest audiophile friends, one is into other things such as his home and interior design, cameras, foods, travel...and more... and my other close friend could care less about gourmet anything or the design/style of his home/furnishings, etc.  so his interest in the high-end/audiophile world is more defined than some "other" things.    Just kind of an open ended thought.  In education some friends have pondered the idea of selective intelligence vs. global intelligence/awareness.  Gosh, this is starting to should like an article out of Psycho Today. 

In all cases with my friends and myself, the greatest interest is in family and friends...and those are the people we enjoy sharing the stereo/music with.  Hope all have a great holiday season. 


I think it kind of depends. A lot of audiophiles, and I argue, the backbone of the hobby relies on tinkers. We make things. We experiment, we do things ourselves. We call the fire department and the ER knows us by name and knows whatever it is was self-induced.

And that fine American spirit of mixing experimentation, the courage of the ignorant, and fire often leads us to other pursuits.
  • For me, vintage audio is absolutely my thing. But, I also play and collect guitars. 2 Martin’s, 2 Taylor’s, 3 gibsons, fender, you name it.  At last count, I was at 17 with a few great vintage amps. I’ve built a dedicated room that keeps the proper humidity and temp. 
Great coffee beans and espresso machine and nice Port to sip while listening.