does a sim audio I-5 have enough power for 1.3se?

I have a sim audio I-5 and have been looking into the dyaudio 1.3se. All the reviews on the 1.3se say you need at least 100wpc (ss) to get the 1.3se to sound "right" if you will. Wondering if anyone has used an I-5 with any dynaudio speakers, 1.3se preferably, if so what model...and results
Wattage is not as important as CURRENT for these Dyns. In any case, the I-5 is a great integrated with ample current. I think the Sim and 1.3SE's will make a beautiful combination.
Thank you kinetic for your input, I wanted to make sure before purchasing the 1.3se

How did this pairing turn out for you? I am considering the same setup for myself.
Answer to my previous question.

I bought a Sim I-5 for the 1.3SE. Am running the setup in a medium size room (~20" x ~20") and it sounds great.