Does a Power Cord make a sonic diff on a TT

I was wondering if a $100 PC is good enought for a Turntable which is connected to the PSU, or would a $ 700 be much better.

The cord I am asking about is from the PSU to the wall outlet.
for " Garrard 301 with the Loricraft PSU "

Any upgrade power chord is better than what is supplied stock. In general, the dollar figure isn't the biggest factor in chords. There are a lot of expensive chords that under perform ones at a lessor value. What two chords are you refering to? One big factor is, at seven times the price will you get seven times the performance? Most likely not!
I have a Voyd TT with a PSU. When it was running on a OK P/C the sound was nowhere near as good as running with a Isoclean Super Focus P/C.

Every area just sounded better with the Isoclean cord and I would like for some POWER experts to explain why, as I am sure you would too 25.
For goodness sakes, stick with the $100 unit. Turntables are low-power devices, a firehose cable ain't gonna help you.

Probably not
However voltage regulation will matter! Especially if you don't have dedicated circuits with stable, clean power from your main breaker panel.
Buy more vinyl instead.
i use a heed PSU with my rega 25. i bought a vh audio flavor 4 power cord used here on audiogon a while back. i first put the power cord on my amp and got a slight improvement over stock. i then put the flavor 4 on the heed and WOW. my lean sounding rega wasn't lean no more..weight and sonic oomph greatly improved. another guy over at vinyl asylum experienced the same thing with his heed PSU. the weak link with the heed seems to be the power cord. i don't know a thing about the power cord on your PSU, but for a 100 bucks, why not take a shot?