Does a Postal Money order need to "clear"?

I sent a Money order to my seller and he says he will ship when it clears. Is this necessary?
Postal should not. You probably paid for it with cash. A money order from a bank does have to clear.
When it is deposited, it could be returned. UsPS does maintain a 'stolen' do not pay list, which is sometimes checked. It does not hurt the seller to wait 10 busines days to be sure.
You can take a postal money order to any post office and get cash immediately, assuming they have enough money to cover it.
They are counterfeited so I can see a seller might want to wait. They can go to their local post office and verify that it is genuine and not stolen.
I can see the seller wanting to wait if he deposited the M.O. directly into his account instead of going to the post office to cash it.
You know, trust is a funny thing. A MO can be cashed immediately and all that good stuff. If the seller wants to wait an agreed time-good.
I use certified bank drafts that are taken out of your account immediately once you receive the check. Most banks accept these and credit the account without delay and you can always call the bank the draft is drawn on to check its validity.
But on the other hand, what protection does the buyer have that he is getting what he bought? It seems this is all loaded towards the seller.
The reason I asked this is because I have bought a set of speakers with a missing woofer and I have had my money stolen here on Audiogon twice within the last 4 months with what I would have considered good sellers.
Please don't give me the feedback route because A'gon will not allow it-I tried and it was blocked. Paypal will not help because I tried them for the missing woofer deal. There response was "They are ONLY responsible if the item was not shipped. They do not get into disputes for the quality or condition of the purchase." In every case, you have NO recourse other than hunt the person down and file a legal action through the court which will cost you a lot more than you lost.
I personally will send a draft to a person who has LOTS of feedback. However, if he wants to hold my draft, the deal is over. Trust goes two ways in my book!
I had the same thing happen,sent money order(cashiers check)recieved tues or wed,said hell ship next week at the soonest when it clears.He heard a little something from me.I think its bogus when people do that#@$%.
Narrod is right, they can be faked. Now days, one should wait for any and all checks to clear.
Good to know, as I've just received one. I checked it out under the light, and ran through the surface with my fingers, and everything looked legit. I had just deposited it at the bank. Next time I'll know to just take it to the post office and cash it.

I would not make a buyer wait if a postal money order was used unless it looked suspect. I was ripped off once back when you could leave negative feedback. The fact that Agon feedback means so little now really stinks.
there are fake bank check or money order out there, so this is what I do.

ask for certified bank check along with bank contact info. when you receive the check, call the bank and read them the check number; they can tell you right at the spot if the check is legit so you don't need to take any risk.

another good option but does not always work is to ask buyer to deposit cash into your account directly, assuming your bank has a branch in his area. giving out your bank account has no risk, you do that every time you write someone a check anyway.

that's why Paypal has become the most popular choice of payment method here.
Yes- People counterfeit M.O.s and also put Stop-Payments on Certified Bank Checks as well. If I received a Postal M.O., I'd take it to the Post Office. A Certified Check or Bank Money Order would have to clear before I'd ship an item.
I always send money order checks.Some people ship right after they receive my check,some others wait until it clears.I am OK both ways.What pisses me off,is the broken DOA sft-1 transport I received back in Oct 07,that I am STILL waiting for the seller to forward to me the money to cover the cost of the repair.USPS turned the claim down,even though the damage was done during shipping,BUT packaging was very poor IMO .Seller claims he is broke!
I am stuck with the broken transport for 9 months now.
On the other end we got some good members in our community,
I need to say this.Timrhu above is a first class gentleman.
I bought vinyl from him,and he shipped the records to me BEFORE receiving my check!!!Tim you got my respect.
Regards to all
If a member, with high positive feedback, sends me a certified check I will ship the next day.I have shipped before payment at times to those who have earned it and are long time members.

I am surprised to hear of al the recent rip offs and fraud experienced by members here!!!

I have been using A'gon for over eight years and never had a problem, seems things are going the shady way here too, that's too bad. It used to be a totally honest site for fanatical audio freaks that were trustworthy, seems that's changing and that makes me sad.

Seeing this post is about counterfeit MO, certified checks , was your rip off a counterfeit or stop payment issue?
if you send someone a regular old personal check and it bounces, they have to pay a TWO buck penalty to the bank.
wow, that's really a tough situation alright!
my payment and my word of honor is enough. i am a certified
fanatical kook with TWO systems, no make that FOUR systems of varying size and complexity- in my house. who in their right mind would even want or need all of this specialty gear?
answer- me, and the other people who buy, sell, and trade here that are just like me. i don't sweat
getting what i paid for- ever. sometimes i can't even unpack it for a couple of months! but i know the person(s) that sold it to me often-times barely used it prior to the sale, and STILL list it as 8/10 just to be conservative.
however, there seem to be a number of very nervous folks that have drifted in from flea-bay and have lost their faith in mankind altogther. nothing (to them) is as it seems.
i try to reassure them, sooth them, calm them down, but it's no use sometimes. but i always, ALWAYS leave a phone number so they can call me up and we can talk the deal over.
MO's still present a risk, so yes, there should be a waiting period for it to clear. However, I will usually ship the next day to a AudiogoN member in good standing.

Yes it is necessary as my friend who is a postal worker said faking is going on there also.
I agree with Jmcgrogan2 as to how I would and do ship.
The last two banks I dealt with charged ME $30.00 each time MY TENANT wrote a bad check TO ME. If an individual purchasing an item chooses to not use Paypal or Western Union(as one of my European buyers did), he can wait the few days that it takes the check/MO to clear. An honest person should have no qualms about another removing any risk from a transaction. If the policy is stated before the transaction takes place, they can always cancel the deal(if they are that thin-skinned).