Does a McIntosh MX-132 have coaxial digital ?

Does a McIntosh have a coaxial digital hookup? If so would it be better than a toslink cable? Both would be short runs. Thank You
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The MX 132 has 3 optical and 4 coaxial digital inputs. I use a 3' coaxial cable to connect my Squeezebox 3's digital output to my MX132, instead of the Squeezeboxe's optical TOSLINK output.

The reason - I've read that there's less 'jitter' on a coaxial digital output, as opposed to optical. I've never A/B'd the two cables, though, to see if I can hear any real difference.

If you search the Slimdevices forums...

You can find more details on Coax vs optical.
I was also told that digital coax is better as well. One the big reasons is that the signal stays digital and avoids the optical to digital conversion step at each end. I also like the way the cable connects much more securely than with Toslink.

In another thread, you asked if the MX132 had an HDMI hookup. In that thread you stated that you own a MX132. Now you're asking if it has a coaxial digital output. Here's a suggestion: Why don't you turn the thing around and take a look at what's there. You can also break open the owner's manual and if by chance you don't have one, you can download it in about 60 seconds at the MAC Website. Not trying to be an ass here but the answers to your questions are right at your fingertips.